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Updated Mondays and Thursdays.

This is our site on the video games we love! We are not doing this for money or fame, just the love of games.

We set ourselves a challenge to go back and play games that we thought were the “best games ever!” at the time and see if they prove as enjoyable as they once were.

For a list of reviewed articles, please click here. We will also occasionally do “top 10” countdowns, following a few rules:

  • ONE GAME PER FRANCHISE (unless the countdown is, say, Top 10 Final Fantasy games…)
  • Must be more than 2 years old (We’ve had it with every “Top 100 Games Of All Time” containing 20 current releases you’ll have forgotten in two weeks (GTA5/COD whatever bloody number they’re up to)
  • We must have actually played the game recently (We want to see if it still holds up, kind of a requirement..)
  • Where possible, the game will be played on the original format


7 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Nice one! I’m now following this blog. Looking forward to read more from you in the future. Some titles “stands the test of time”, while others plays like, well, a burned out toaster today. The Secret of Monkey Island, Moonstone, Cannon Fodder and Sensible Soccer are examples of games that still brings a lot of enjoyment (in my opinion). 🙂


  2. Having to actually complete a game before being allowed to review it is a ballache. Namely with stuff like The World Is Not Enough on the 64 – which not only requires a memory card to save progress (which constantly errors) but also features one of the dumbest final levels I have ever experienced. Review to follow – assuming I haven’t smashed the cartridge to pieces before completing it.


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