Resident Evil: Revelations 2. Capcom (2015) XBox 360

Originally released as individual episodes over the course of a few months, sensible people will have just bought the box set disc and saved themselves effort and money.

I was surprised how much I enjoyed Revelations 1 as it felt like a proper Resident Evil. It also had a story that was relatively well written for a Crapcom game.

So will Capcom knock Revelations 2 out the park, or will it be an incoherent bag of wank like Resident Evil 6? Continue reading


Top 10 Hardest Games

Played a game that made you smash a pad? I know we have… Be it terrible design or frustrating gameplay, games can be hard for different reasons. But despite being hella difficult some games managed to retain their charm and remain fun despite its diffculty.

The list won’t feature Dark Souls, because Dark Souls is only hard if you’ve never played a game beyond Assassins Creed, and we are genuinely sick of people saying “Isn’t Dark Souls the hardest game ever?”.

So here is our list of games that make us want to shit a hernia out of our collective penis. Be prepared for many an F-bomb as just thinking about these games is making our piss boil.

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House of the Dead 3. Wow Entertainment (2002) Xbox

Along with Time Crisis 1 I think House of the Dead 2 is one of the most overrated light gun games, so going into House of the Dead 3 I am wondering if it will be better or worse than either of those average games. So which is it? Continue reading

Resident Evil 6. Capcom (2012) Xbox 360

I LOVE the Resident Evil series probably even more than the Final Fantasy series and when Resident Evil 5 came out I was so hyped it was ridiculous. I played that game and the best way to describe it would be to compare it with the Phantom Menace. A lot of people including me liked it, but it was a year or so later where the salt started.

Admittedly I am in the salty category, as when we reviewed it I wasn’t exactly complimentary. Basically it seemed OK at the time, but looking back it was very glitzy, but lacked any substance, and has way too much boulder punching to be taken seriously. It didn’t just jump the shark, it jumped the shark in a volcano.
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Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. Capcom (2009) Nintendo WII

reply_card [Converted]

I love the Resident Evil series, but the only game I truly hate is The Umbrella Chronicles, so when I got the sequel, I was expecting a world of pain. Continue reading

The Walking Dead: Season 1, Telltale Games (2012) Playstation 3


It’s Halloween! Or it was when I started writing this.  If, like me, you hate dressing up because it’s biased against the overweight and bearded, you’ll want something to keep you occupied whilst everyone else is “having fun” or “falling in love” on the 31st. But it’s Halloween, so it has to be spoooooky, right? No? Come back here…
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Resident Evil, Capcom (1996) PlayStation

Resident Evil PAL cover

This is the ORIGINAL release of a Game that not only spawned (to date) over 20 sequels, but currently has 3 remakes.

So, for a game to get 4 remakes, it must either be one of the best games ever, or a deeply flawed gem in need of a polish.

So what is it? Continue reading