WWF Superstars. Rare (1991) GameBoy

This game is so bare bones I beat it while on the loo. And not one of those epic loo sessions where time stands still and suddenly 2 hours have passed. One of those “your cheeks have barely touched the seat” visits. I could go into more graphic details but I reckon you don’t want to know. Continue reading


WWF Royal Rumble. Yuke’s (2000) Dreamcast


Despite Craig’s protestations, the Attitude Era of Wrestling was THE BEST. Yeah, we know that for every awesome TLC there was a turgid Bob Holly match, but there was 10 people pushing for the Championship belt, though only Triple H and the CRock ever had it. 80’s wrestling, was crap. Everything after Attitude has been pretty crap.


Attitude all the way. Continue reading

WWF: Super WrestleMania. LJN (1992) Super Nintendo

WWF Super WrestleMania

My mate had this game, I remember Christmas ’92 when he got it, I basically moved into his house for a few weeks and played it endlessly. In 1992 this was THE closest thing we could get to wrestling. Satellite TV was way out of most peoples price range, the Internet was still just a few excel documents, and a shitty VHS tape of some of Wrestlemania matches would cost about £30.

Needless to say, I didn’t really know anything about Wrestling, just that Hulk Hogan sounded cool, there was a Macho Man, a bloke with a snake, two fat dudes, the bloke that did that move that kept crippling school kids (The Undertaker), and the one wrestler we knew/liked (Ultimate Warrior) wasn’t in the game. Continue reading

WWF SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role. THQ (2000) PlayStation

SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role cover

A few months back, I read an issue of Retro Gaming (lost it, moved house) and there was a small article on SmackDown! 2 proclaiming it one of the best wrestling games ever made. This infuriated me, and I couldn’t figure out why.

I had the game in 2000, I queued up outside Electronic Boutique to buy it the day it came out, skipping school, and gorging for months on it’s sparkly goodness. I was eventually converted to No Mercy, and through good ol’ father time I began to forget about SmackDown! 2. This is partly because the sequels all sucked (or didn’ live up to SD!2), but mostly it is because No Mercy is one of the best games ever. I am not just talking best wrestling game. I am saying No Mercy is in my top 10 games of all time.

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WWF: Wrestlemania Challenge. LJN. (1990) Nintendo

Wrestlemania Challenge Cover

This really is a game you need to take the rose tinted glasses off and NOT play, EVER.

There is nothing here. Literally.

OK, maybe figuratively, but the game is sparce. You get 8 real wrestlers, plus “yourself” and 3 fight modes and, a kind of career, but it is oddly a little hidden. Continue reading

WWF: No Mercy, THQ/AKI Corporation. (2000). Nintendo 64


Let us start by first diffusing a popular myth – the Attitude Era of wrestling was garbage. It really was. Granted, the main event was always a spectacular sight to see, and there was no shortage of colourful characters…but for every Stone Cold Steve Austin, there was a Steve Blackman. For every Chris Jericho, there was a Chaz. For every Rock/Austin epic, there was a 20 minute clusterf*ck of skinny fat guys falling all over each other in their quest for a broken belt that changed hands 800 times a night. Continue reading