UFO: Afterlife. Altar Games (2007) PC


Phew that was exhausting! About 100 hours has been poured into UFO: Aftermath, Aftershock and Afterlife.

The series is a little mixed, and with a 3rd game trying the UFO: Apocalypse route going into the game I am skeptical.

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UFO: Aftershock. Altar Games (2005) PC


UFO: Aftershock is the sequel to UFO: Aftermath, and is not officially related to UFO: Enemy Unknown (X-Com: UFO Defense). Interestingly, the 3rd game in the series, Afterlight, is not a sequel to Aftershock in terms of the story.

Of all the games in this genre I have probably played this one the most, even more than Jagged Alliance 2.

So how does it hold up?
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UFO: Aftermath. Altar Games (2003) PC


UFO: Aftermath started off  “The Dreamland Chronicles: Freedom Ridge” by Mythos Games, but was eventually abandoned. It is an homage to X-Com, and is partly based on the abandoned X-Com: Genesis. It is *NOT* officially related to UFO: Enemy Unknown (X-Com: UFO Defense).
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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Bioware (2003) XBOX


There are games that come along every now and then that have blown my socks off. Silent Hill 2 is one of them, Final Fantasy VI is another. With that, Knights of the Old Republic is firmly in the socks blown asunder camp.

I played this a lot at release, I borrowed the XBOX version off of a mate, but I also ended up buying my own copy for the PC. It means that I have played through it a number of times, attempting different paths. But it is probably 10 years since the last time I donned the Jedi robes and ventured into the Old Republic if we ignore the MMORPG (please ignore the MMORPG).

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Fallout 2, Interplay (1998) PC


I struggle with the Fallout series; with Fallout 1 it felt like it should be a good game, but it was broken in too many places. Fallout 3 thought that 15 hours of tunnel schellping was a fun thing, and was a fairly solid 7/10 game. But with Fallout 2 I finally understand why it is such a beloved series. Continue reading

Fallout, Interplay (1997) PC


Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game to give it it’s full name, spawned a pretty popular series, but other than Fallout 3, I have never actually finished one of these.

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