SimCity 3000: Unlimited. Maxis (1999) PC


Since starting this site I have periodically played Sim City games with the intention of reviewing one. Each time I have gotten bored after about an hour and turned the game off.

Sim City (1989) is boring. It is a good first entry to the series, but still boring. SimCity 2000 I have fond memories of it, but it is very limited, and boring.

SimCity (2013) isn’t actually that bad now they have removed the always on feature, so I’ll revisit that at some point, but I am going to leave out the first and second entries for now, and go straight to SimCity 3000. Continue reading


The Oregon Trail. MECC (1990) Internet Archive


The Oregon Trail is one of those games that is bafflingly creeping into top game lists, so when I discovered you could play it for free on the Internet Archive I figured it was time to take a trip… down a trail… Hopefully to Oregon. Continue reading

WWF: Wrestlemania Challenge. LJN. (1990) Nintendo

Wrestlemania Challenge Cover

This really is a game you need to take the rose tinted glasses off and NOT play, EVER.

There is nothing here. Literally.

OK, maybe figuratively, but the game is sparce. You get 8 real wrestlers, plus “yourself” and 3 fight modes and, a kind of career, but it is oddly a little hidden. Continue reading

WWF: No Mercy, THQ/AKI Corporation. (2000). Nintendo 64


Let us start by first diffusing a popular myth – the Attitude Era of wrestling was garbage. It really was. Granted, the main event was always a spectacular sight to see, and there was no shortage of colourful characters…but for every Stone Cold Steve Austin, there was a Steve Blackman. For every Chris Jericho, there was a Chaz. For every Rock/Austin epic, there was a 20 minute clusterf*ck of skinny fat guys falling all over each other in their quest for a broken belt that changed hands 800 times a night. Continue reading