The X-Files. HyperBole Studios (1999) PlayStation

I bought this a while ago and have completely ignored it since then. However, recently the game is popping up on Twitter and me being me I decided to see if the truth is out there.

I want to believe… That this game is good. Continue reading


The Secret of Monkey Island. LucasArts (1990) PC

I’ll cover the Special Edition of Secret of Monkey Island, AND the Original in this review as they are the same game; except the remake has better graphics, better music, better sound FX, and better voice acting. On top of this, you can switch between old and new version on the fly on the Special Edition.

I like the dabble in Point and Clicks, and some of them are our favourite games of all time, but Monkey Island is one I’ve had to keep coming back to several times in the last 20 odd years because I never actually managed to get off the first chapter.

So with a stubborn insistence I decided to finally cross Monkey Island off my “to do” list. Continue reading

Grim Fandango, PC/PS4, 1998/2015, LucasArts/Double Fine


Disclaimer : this will scarcely qualify as a review. This is an ode. A love letter. If I had a lute, it would be a ballad. I love Grim Fandango. It’s been my favourite game since I first played it back in the dark ages of 1998. And unless you have a PC running Windows 98, you haven’t been able to play it for quite some time. Long story short, LucasArts shenanigans have meant that Tim Schafer snatched back the rights to his brainchild, has been allowed to resurrect his underworld epic on the PS4. So, while not strictly “retro”, nuts to you, I’m reviewing it anyway. Continue reading

Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars. Revolution Software. (1996) PlayStation/PC

Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars cover

I had never played Broken Sword properly before, I had the demo disc for the PS1, but I couldn’t get off the first screen, and gave up.
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The Feeble Files. Adventure Soft. (1997) Amiga/PC



Do you like how I threw that quote up there to make it seem like The Feeble Files is utterly fundamental? Like, “I don’t know this quote, I must’ve missed some sort of pop culture phenomenon!”? You didn’t. It’s not. I’m fairly confident only two people have ever played this game, one was me on the PC back in 1997, the other was me on my laptop, after buying a copy from GOG in 2013. To say this is something of a cult game is an understatement. And it’s flawed. Flawed like a chocolate fireguard. But nobody ever points out that chocolate fireguards, in spite of being pointless, are delicious. And you had to know what you were getting into when you made the purchase of said confection. Continue reading