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Psychonauts. Double Fine (2005) XBox

I’ve been putting off writing about Psychonauts for *checks notes* ever. Our relationship is…complicated. Layered. Not like an onion, but like a 3 tiered cake where the middle layer hates my guts but the outer layers love me and want

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Super Mario Bros: Deluxe. Nintendo R&D2 (1999) Gameboy Color

DING DING DING DING! 300TH POST KLAXON Did you ever play the original Super Mario Bros and think this game is way too advanced? Did you ever play it and think this screen isn’t cramped enough? 

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Shut Up, Scrambles : The Platform Games We Actually Want Remastered.

  So the Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy was a huge hit for Activision, and rightfully so. I played through it and had an absolute blast; it was challenging yet familiar, and looked better than YOUR MOTHER’S FINE ASS (edit

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Quackshot starring Donald Duck. Sega (1991) Sega Genesis

It is times like this where the fact I am a bitter and cynical asshole comes to the fore because I truly hate Donald Duck. Something about a pantless arsehole with severe anger issues never sat right with me and

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Home Alone. Sega of America (1992) Sega Genesis

In the immortal words of Noddy Holder IT’S CHRIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSMMMAAAAAAASSSSSSS, and what better way to treat our dedicated readers to a game I woke up on Christmas day in 1992 to play? Well, technically I woke up to Lego, but a

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Rogue Legacy. Cellar Door Games (2014) PlayStation 4

I was harangued into buying a PS4 by Craig, and rather than playing something “new” I decided to play a retro inspired indie game because I am a curmudgeon-ey bastard who hates himself almost ad much as I hate others.

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Comix Zone. Sega Technical Institute (1995) Sega Genesis

To say this game is remembered fondly would be an understatement. Ask most people to do a “best Megadrive” list and 9 times out of 10 Comix Zone will feature in the top 5. But here at Games Revisited we

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