Star Wars: Flight of the Falcon. Pocket Studios (2003) Gameboy Advance

This game is a big fat phoney as there is actually not a lot of the Millennium Falcon in it. But then I guess “Star Wars: Generic Space Combat Game” didn’t have as good a ring to it.

Now to give this game some context, it is so poor I literally couldn’t get anyone out of 20,000 to play it, and thus chucked the bastard game into a mosh pit at Bloodstock Festival and watched 75% of the game on YouTube. Continue reading


House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return. Sega (2008) Nintendo Wii

This review will focus on the Wii release of the compilation, if you want more detailed review of each game in their original format check the reviews at House of the Dead 2, and House of the Dead 3.

I don’t really rate House of the Dead 2 or House of the Dead 3, but what about a special compilation featuring both games updated with CriWare game engine!? Continue reading

House of the Dead 3. Wow Entertainment (2002) Xbox

Along with Time Crisis 1 I think House of the Dead 2 is one of the most overrated light gun games, so going into House of the Dead 3 I am wondering if it will be better or worse than either of those average games. So which is it? Continue reading

Space Harrier. Sega AM4 (1985) Arcade


Space Harrier was released in arcades in 1985, and while I was about 1 when this was released, I did play this a bit in the arcades in the early 90s, I don’t remember much about it so I thought I’d see if Space Harrier is fun to play now? Continue reading

Operation Wolf. Taito (1989) Nintendo/Sega Master System


Released in 1987 in the arcades, and the Sega Master System in 1991 Operation Wolf is renowned for being one of the best Light Gun Games of the era. Though it is one of the most (home) converted games of all time, only the NES, Spectrum and S.M.S offered actual Light Gun support.

And with that, in my attempts to play all Light Gun games possible, is Operation Wolf any good nowadays?

Continue reading

Time Crisis 3. Namco (2003) PlayStation 2


The Time Crisis series has been a little hit and miss for me [intentional semi-pun]. Time Crisis was good in the day, but nowadays it struggles when compared to it’s peers. Time Crisis II is a great game, Project Titan was actually OK, and Crisis Zone was, to be kind, mediocre. So going into Time Crisis 3 I was hoping it would build on TC2, which again, was great. Continue reading

Hogan’s Alley. Intelligent Systems (1987) Nintendo

I am going to do a top Light gun Games list soon, and to do that I want to get a few games out of the way. So apologies to the many people who don’t like On-Rails shooters as much as me.



Originally released in Japan in 1984, North America in ’85, before finally getting s PAL release in ’87 Hogan’s Alley was an early Home Console Light Gun Game using the Nintendo Zapper. It isn’t on-rails in the normal sense, but you are directed where to pew.

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