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PGA Tour Golf. EA Sports (1991) Sega Genesis

It is that time where once every 2 years the Americans and Europeans care about golf (apart from those blokes named Trevor (HI TREVOR!))… So what better why to captilise on a sport I know fuck all about except what

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Pit-Fighter. Atari Games (1990) Arcade

I’m going to do something slightly different here as I have played Pit-Fighter in the arcade, on a Master System, on the Genesis and on the Super Nintendo so I will collectively review them all and give them all a

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Road Rash II. Electronic Arts (1993) Sega Genesis

To be honest guys this is probably the hardest thing I have ever had to write. So i’ll pull the Band-Aid off quickly… Road Rash II isn’t that good.

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Virtua Racing. SEGA AM2 (1994) Sega Genesis

Right off the bat and credit where it is due, Virtua Racing is twice the game Ridge Racer is. It has more interesting and varied tracks, and the physics are also better.

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Quackshot starring Donald Duck. Sega (1991) Sega Genesis

It is times like this where the fact I am a bitter and cynical asshole comes to the fore because I truly hate Donald Duck. Something about a pantless arsehole with severe anger issues never sat right with me and

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Eternal Champions. Sega Interactive (1993) Sega Genesis

Alright, do you have a 6 button Genesis pad? No? Well go get one, I’ll wait.

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Home Alone. Sega of America (1992) Sega Genesis

In the immortal words of Noddy Holder IT’S CHRIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSMMMAAAAAAASSSSSSS, and what better way to treat our dedicated readers to a game I woke up on Christmas day in 1992 to play? Well, technically I woke up to Lego, but a

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