Sonic 3D: Flickies’ Island. Traveller’s Tales. (1997) Sega Saturn

Hi, my name is Jamie and I like to shitpost about Sonic games because it offends the sensibilities of the people out there that can’t see how terrible Sonic’s legacy truly is.

And after the many successes of fantastic games such as; Sonic The Fighter, Sonic R, and Sonic Adventure I thought I’d try a game I had never heard of.

Turns out this is Sonic 3D Blast, so I have heard of it, but us PAL lot got the same game with a different name (I am easily confused) and the subtitle is inexplicably small text on the box.  Continue reading


Fallout 2, Interplay (1998) PC


I struggle with the Fallout series; with Fallout 1 it felt like it should be a good game, but it was broken in too many places. Fallout 3 thought that 15 hours of tunnel schellping was a fun thing, and was a fairly solid 7/10 game. But with Fallout 2 I finally understand why it is such a beloved series. Continue reading

Fallout, Interplay (1997) PC


Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game to give it it’s full name, spawned a pretty popular series, but other than Fallout 3, I have never actually finished one of these.

So, once more into the breach, and let us wander the California wastelands to see how Fallout stacks up nowadays. Continue reading

X-COM: Terror from the Deep. Microprose (1995) PC


Terror from the Deep is the game that ignited my love for turn based strategy games. I first played it on the PS1 way back when, and spent about 6 months playing it despite the clunky PS1 controls.

I sucked at it of course, and despite a lot of trying, I didn’t get very far. Now, after day-jobbing UFO: Enemy Unknown, I thought it was time to step up and cross TftD off my list. Continue reading

UFO: Enemy Unknown. Micropose (1994) PC


Also known as  X-Com: UFO Defense and will be referred to as X-Com in this review.

I have dabbled in the X-Com series at various points in my life but this is the first time I have actually played the first X-Com. As a result I was intrigued to see what I thought of it with semi-fresh eyes.

With that, in little over a week I have sunk around 40 hours into the game.

So how does it hold up to my now not so fresh eyes?

Continue reading

Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri. Firaxis Games. (1999) PC

Alpha Centauri cover

I could write a 10,000 word thesis on this game, but I’ll try to keep it relatively concise as Alpha Centauri is absolutely MASSIVE, and I am terrible at it. I am getting better, but to adequately play games like this, you have to dedicate 20-30 hours playing it to finish one game, and months to master what the hell is going on. Continue reading