Top 10 Mainline Resident Evil Games

We love the Resident Evil series, and with Resident Evil 7 it brings us a massive 11 mainline games if you don’t include the REmakes, so what better way to kick off our first Top 10 of a particular games series?

This list will be the best MAINLINE games, that means no Survivor, and no WII/Portable efforts and no REmakes. So only OG Resident Evil and original version of Code: Veronica.

Also, as Resident Evill VII is not yet 2 years old we will not be including it in this list.

Make sense?

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Resident Evil: Revelations 2. Capcom (2015) XBox 360

Originally released as individual episodes over the course of a few months, sensible people will have just bought the box set disc and saved themselves effort and money.

I was surprised how much I enjoyed Revelations 1 as it felt like a proper Resident Evil. It also had a story that was relatively well written for a Crapcom game.

So will Capcom knock Revelations 2 out the park, or will it be an incoherent bag of wank like Resident Evil 6? Continue reading

Resident Evil 6. Capcom (2012) Xbox 360

I LOVE the Resident Evil series probably even more than the Final Fantasy series and when Resident Evil 5 came out I was so hyped it was ridiculous. I played that game and the best way to describe it would be to compare it with the Phantom Menace. A lot of people including me liked it, but it was a year or so later where the salt started.

Admittedly I am in the salty category, as when we reviewed it I wasn’t exactly complimentary. Basically it seemed OK at the time, but looking back it was very glitzy, but lacked any substance, and has way too much boulder punching to be taken seriously. It didn’t just jump the shark, it jumped the shark in a volcano.
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Dark Souls II. From Software (2014) Xbox 360

I loved Dark Souls, the game was pretty hard (Earthworm Jim is harder) but was as tight as a gnat’s chuff hole and not an ounce of fat in need of a trim. So when I finished it, I  immediately bought the second game in the series and jumped right in.
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Dark Souls. From Software (2011) Xbox 360

Who likes smashing their face against a wall repeatedly? Because that is what happens in Dark Souls. It is a game where you headbutt a concrete wall so many times that you’ll eventually start to chip away at it. You can give up, go to hospital, return home and do something else. Or, you can get patched up and resume the head meeting wall scenario until you chip away a little more wall. And when you make slight progress you feel so triumphant in your head wall smashing ability that you charge headlong into the next wall, immediately snapping your neck and returning to hospital.

How much you enjoy this will have a direct correlation to your anger levels and the amount of control pads you can afford to smash into itty-bitty pieces after the 37 attempts at FUCKING Ornstein and Smough GAH HUMPH FUUUU, but if you can get over the initial difficulty there is a stupidly good game behind 75 reinforced concrete walls. Continue reading

Conquering a GARGANTUAN backlog

I did really well not buying any games in the run up to Christmas. As I was buying so much I decided to make a list of everything I owned and hadn’t played as a motivation to stop wasting so much money, and try and enjoy what I had.

However, I quit my job at Christmas. It basically means I’ve spent my money on guitars and videogames. So I need more motivation to get back on the not buying games kick.

Since a list worked relatively well previously, I am going to do the same thing, but add my progress from last time.

Same as last time, if you see a game on the list that isn’t crossed out let us know and I’ll try and get round to it. If the game is crossed out, and you can’t find a review that means it is scheduled. Due to enjoying unemployment I have scheduled the next two months…

Progress update:

53 games beaten since October 2016.
41 new games bought, 17 of which I have beaten
3 games are broken (That I know of)

Backlog stands at 273 (WOO PROGRESS!)

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