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Worst 5 Things in SoulsBorne!

I love the SoulsBorne games but there are a few features that bring my piss to a boil more than dying 84 times in a row trying to beat a fuck nugget of a boss. But spoiler alert, this list

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Genres I just don’t “get”!

Sorry for the clickbait-ey title but I couldn’t think of anything witty for a title. Is there a genre out there that you just can’t get into?

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Conquering a GARGANTUAN backlog

I did really well not buying any games in the run up to Christmas. As I was buying so much I decided to make a list of everything I owned and hadn’t played as a motivation to stop wasting so much

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Conquering an almighty backlog

I have been going pretty crazy buying stuff recently, I filled the larger bookcase at home,  and a friend gave me another one for free. Which is now also nearly full. I figured writing down what I had not played would be

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