Aladdin. Capcom (1994) Super Nintendo

The only real fight in the Great 16bit Console War me and my mates had was between Aladdin on the Megadrive and Aladdin on the SNES. So forget your Crash Bandicoot vs Super Mario 64 as that wasn’t a contest. Forget Last of Us vs whatever toss Gears of War shite XBox360 had, and forget Sonic vs Mario. The only thing us “90s kids” actually cared about was Aladdin or Aladdin.

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Darkwing Duck. Capcom (1992) Nintendo


Did you know Darkwing Duck isn’t actually set in the DuckTales universe ? I know Launchpad McQuack is here, but, according to the creators (source), they are separate. And on that bombshell.

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DuckTales 2. Capcom (1993) Nintendo


Life is still like a hurricane, here in GamesRevisited.

We still don’t have the race cars, lasers, or aeroplanes, but Dave has been back to Gregg’s and bought another Sausage Roll. So fun times all round.

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The Lion King. Virgin/Disney (1994) Sega Genesis


The Lion King is one of the games everybody tells you to buy when you say you’re getting a Megadrive.

It makes me wonder how many of these people actually remember it, or played past the 1st level. So let us take off the nostalgia glasses and see how The Lion King holds up today.

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Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers. Capcom (1990) Nintendo

Chip n Dale NES Boxart

I found a Capcom game I didn’t know existed, and like DuckTails, Chip ‘n Dale it is a Disney/Capcom collaboration.

So, is it any good?

(Special thanks to flyingomelette as you seem to be the only person who has reviewed this well enough, or provided any background information. Let’s hope you ain’t lying.)

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DuckTales. Capcom, (1989) Nintendo

DuckTales NES cover art

Life IS like a hurricane, here in… Duckberg GamesRevisited.

We don’t have race cars, lasers or aeroplanes, but we have some adventures. For example, Dave once bought a sausage roll from Greggs! Continue reading