Top 50 Games 2016


To celebrate our upcoming 2 year anniversary, we have put our heads together and come up with a TOP 50 games list of games we have featured since launch.


Don’t be offended if your favourite game doesn’t feature!


  1. One per franchise, otherwise the Top Ten would be an ode to the Final Fantasy and Resident Evil series
  2. Game must be at least TWO years old. I know this doesn’t qualify for most peoples definition of retro, but it meets our “has to still hold up as a game” criteria.
  3. Games may not have received “full” reviews. I.E, we haven’t played/reviewed EVERYTHING, we’re only human!
  4. To make up for 3, Editors got to pick some wildcard games. These are games we have not played/reviewed for the site yet but collectively we feel they are worth a mention
  5. The stated console is the version we were playing

So, here we go! Continue reading


Dino Dini’s Soccer Eurocom/Virgin (1994) Super Nintendo

Dino Dini Front

World Cup Fever has hit us here a Games Revisited and frankly, we’re a bit sick of it!

So, we will review some old football games, and first up is Dino Dini’s Soccer on the Super Nintendo. Continue reading

The Feeble Files. Adventure Soft. (1997) Amiga/PC



Do you like how I threw that quote up there to make it seem like The Feeble Files is utterly fundamental? Like, “I don’t know this quote, I must’ve missed some sort of pop culture phenomenon!”? You didn’t. It’s not. I’m fairly confident only two people have ever played this game, one was me on the PC back in 1997, the other was me on my laptop, after buying a copy from GOG in 2013. To say this is something of a cult game is an understatement. And it’s flawed. Flawed like a chocolate fireguard. But nobody ever points out that chocolate fireguards, in spite of being pointless, are delicious. And you had to know what you were getting into when you made the purchase of said confection. Continue reading

Sensible Soccer: European Champions. Sensible Software (1992). Sega Genesis.

Sensible Soccer Game Cover

Football gamewise, the debate of the last 20 years was, “which was better Pro Evo or Fifa?” In the 90s the argument was Sensible Soccer or Fifa, and at the time I was firmly FIFA. Sorry, it is true. I didn’t get the cutseyness of Sensi, I liked the “press A to win mechanics” of Fifa, and I liked the fact I was good at Fifa, and my mates weren’t. So I missed out on this gem at the time.

When I bought my Megadrive off eBay with 20 games I was mainly interested in reliving Fifa International, World Cup Italia 90, Super Kick Off and co, but it was Sensible Soccer that caught my attention. I figured, I remember the others, countless hours were spent perfecting the spot to shoot from the 18 yard line to score in any Fifa game, so going to Sensi, with almost no memory of it I was happily surprised. Continue reading