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Total Carnage. Malibu Games/Black Pearl (1993) Super Nintendo

I kinda liked Super Smash TV, it was bloody difficulty, but if you were in the zone, and everything just “clicked” it was bloody fun and a hell of a laugh. So what would Acclaim do to follow that great

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The Simpsons: Bart vs the Space Mutants, Acclaim (1991) Nintendo

The one thing I did growing up more than play videogames was watch the Simpsons. So when I finally convinced my parents to buy me Bart vs the Space Mutants, I was the proverbial pig in shit. Sadly, over time

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Super Smash TV, Acclaim/Flying Edge (1990) Super Nintendo/Sega Genesis

In a rare twist I am going to review the same game on two consoles resulting in two scores. I never played Super Smash TV in the arcades, but I get the feeling you really needed the dual d-pad controls to

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Turok 2 : Seeds Of Evil. Acclaim Entertainment. (1998). Nintendo 64

The easy (read : sane) thing to do when revisiting N64 shooters would be to review Rare’s seminal 1997 classic, Goldeneye, surely? Well, yes, but the thing is : Goldeneye is awesome and we all know it. At the time

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