Fallout: New Vegas. Obsidian Entertainment (2010) XBox 360

New Vegas box art

I didn’t like Fallout 3, it wasn’t bad, but it was very Jekyl and Hyde with too much filler. I hated that I had 100 in speech and would still lose speech challenges, and I found the main story pretty meh, so as a result, I sat on this game, and never bothered to play it properly.

But after blasting through Fallout, and Fallout 2, I thought I’d give New Vegas a chance.

So, do I hate New Vegas and where does it sit alongside the other games in the series? Continue reading


Super Meat Boy.Team Meat. (2010). Xbox 360


Super Meat Boy is an independent video game developed by Team Meat in 2010.

You control Super Meat Boy, a square slab of meat, in a fast paced, dangerous world. The aim of the game is to save your girlfriend, Bandage Girl (a pink square, complete with flower), from your arch nemesis, Dr. Fetus (literally a foetus in an incubator atop a tux-suited robot body… yup). All this whilst trying to keep your meaty bits in one piece (an important moral we can all relate to).

Super Meat Boy world map Continue reading