House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return. Sega (2008) Nintendo Wii

This review will focus on the Wii release of the compilation, if you want more detailed review of each game in their original format check the reviews at House of the Dead 2, and House of the Dead 3.

I don’t really rate House of the Dead 2 or House of the Dead 3, but what about a special compilation featuring both games updated with CriWare game engine!? Continue reading


Fallout 3. Bathesda (2008) Xbox 360


So, Oblivion with guns, more commonly known as Fallout 3. The hype machine around Fallout 4 is in full effect, so I took this chance to relive my time in the wasteland, and spend a (relatively) good 36 hours avoiding Deathclaws, and punching radroaches in the face.

I’ll be honest when I started playing this game, I really wanted to hate it. I could remember all the flaws, and none of the positives. So going back to it, how does it fair? Continue reading