Gears of War, Epic Games (2006) XBOX 360

Gears of War Box Art

Gears of War…

It is hard to remember a time before Triple A games being coverbased shooters, with auto regen-health, but to it’s credit GoW was one of the first out the gate.

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Dirge Of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII, Square Enix (2006) Playstation 2

Dirge of Cerberus coverart

So, we all loved Final Fantasy VII right? And we all loved Advent Children yup? So, what could be better than a follow up game based on both? Enter, Dirge Of Cerberus…

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Dead Rising. Capcom (2006) XBox 360

dead rising boxart

I know what you’re thinking. This isn’t retro. How dare I play a game from 9 years ago.

But you know what? I wanted to revisit this… Continue reading

Phoenix Wright : Ace Attorney, Capcom (2006) Nintendo DS


Can we just have a moment? If you’re reading this, I’d like you to stand and applaud with me, applaud the eighth wonder of the world that is Capcom. God bless you, Capcom – all of your games are maddeningly difficult, undeniably obtuse, and in some cases downright alienating. But we still buy them in droves. Why? It’s because Capcoms games are, quite frankly, all brilliant fun and absolutely mental. Even Jamie loves Capcom games (Jamie: I REALLY DO). And so, I present – from the same company that brought you Street Fighter, Resident Evil and Mega Man (ED: and DINO CRISIS!) – Phoenix Wright : Ace Attorney. A lawyer sim. You’re nothing if not diverse, are you Capcom? You minxes. What are you doing later?

Note : Phoenix Wright was originally released in Japan in 2001 for the Game Boy Advance. Therefore – retro! Well, retro enough….Balls to you, Jamie reviewed a game from this damn year! Continue reading