The X-Files. HyperBole Studios (1999) PlayStation

I bought this a while ago and have completely ignored it since then. However, recently the game is popping up on Twitter and me being me I decided to see if the truth is out there.

I want to believe… That this game is good. Continue reading


Tyrian 2000. Eclipse Software (1999) PC

tyrian2000 box art

Originally release in 1995 as Tyrian, Tyrian 2000 is a slightly updated version (with the an extra act) and some bug fixes. It is also freeware, meaning you have no excuses not to play it. I personally went for the version, because I love GOG and it’s out of the box DOSBox working goodness.

Anyway, I wasn’t planning on reviewing this; but after playing it on my lunch break, I slowly got into it and found there to be a very fun game at its core. Continue reading

SimCity 3000: Unlimited. Maxis (1999) PC


Since starting this site I have periodically played Sim City games with the intention of reviewing one. Each time I have gotten bored after about an hour and turned the game off.

Sim City (1989) is boring. It is a good first entry to the series, but still boring. SimCity 2000 I have fond memories of it, but it is very limited, and boring.

SimCity (2013) isn’t actually that bad now they have removed the always on feature, so I’ll revisit that at some point, but I am going to leave out the first and second entries for now, and go straight to SimCity 3000. Continue reading

Point Blank 2, Namco (1999) PlayStation

The light gun kick continues with Point Blank 2, for other light gun games check the list here.


I am going to coin a phrase in this review, and it will probably be reused a number of times retrospectively in my other pages.

The phrase will refer to a game that came out 8 years later, but it is a more popular game, so more people will get the reference.

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House of the Dead 2. Sega (1999) Dreamcast


I am always skeptical about cult classics, there is a reason they are “cult”, and not just “classic”.

But enough about that, what is House of the Dead 2 like?

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