Comix Zone. Sega Technical Institute (1995) Sega Genesis

To say this game is remembered fondly would be an understatement. Ask most people to do a “best Megadrive” list and 9 times out of 10 Comix Zone will feature in the top 5. But here at Games Revisited we like to shit on your nostalgia goggles.

And with that, how does Comix Zone stand up to our neck-bearded modern eyes? Continue reading


Donkey Kong Country 2 : Diddy’s Kong Quest. Rareware (1995) Super Nintendo


The absolute titanium balls on Rare, eh? Given creative control of one of Nintendo’s most beloved mascots in Donkey Kong, Rare proceeded to take the proverbial mile, creating it’s own lore and characters for the first game. A smash hit, it allowed them even more creative freedom – to the point where they made a Donkey Kong game WITHOUT DONKEY KONG IN IT. I like to think that Rare at this point was being run by nihilistic anime edge-lords. How else do you explain Kiddy Kong? Continue reading

Beyond Oasis, Ancient (1995) Sega Genesis


Called The Story of Thor: A Successor of The Light in Europe, but as there is no mention of anybody, or anything named Thor, we’ll break from tradition and call this game by the American title, and feature the American Box art.

The important question is can an almost Zelda Clone be a good game?
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Tekken. Namco (1995) PlayStation


Going back and playing games that are released almost yearly is difficult. This is especially true for Fighting Games, as they don’t hold up too well. It always takes a few sequels and iterations before the combat becomes smooth and natural. But often they suffer from Mortal Kombat syndrome where they fuck with the roster too much and the story falls up its own arse.

Tekken follows some of this.

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Ridge Racer. Namco (1995) PlayStation


Peering into the time machine that is Retro Gaming will often produce weird feelings. There is no denying that the PlayStation was a success, however, when you look objectively at the launch titles for the European release you’ll honestly wonder why ANYBODY bought the PS1 at release. In Europe we got:

3D Lemmings, Battle Arena Toshinden, Jumping Flash!, Kileak: The Blood, Novastorm, Rapid Reload, Wipeout and Ridge Racer.

As launch titles, it isn’t exactly an exciting list (certainly not in retrospect) and I can understand why my parents waited a year and got me a Die Hard Trilogy/Destruction Derby bundle for xmas 96.

Anyway, onto Ridge Racer. Continue reading

X-COM: Terror from the Deep. Microprose (1995) PC


Terror from the Deep is the game that ignited my love for turn based strategy games. I first played it on the PS1 way back when, and spent about 6 months playing it despite the clunky PS1 controls.

I sucked at it of course, and despite a lot of trying, I didn’t get very far. Now, after day-jobbing UFO: Enemy Unknown, I thought it was time to step up and cross TftD off my list. Continue reading