Sunset Riders. Konami (1993) Super Nintendo

For a while now people have been telling me to try Sunset Riders out, and while I wasn’t ignoring them I just couldn’t be fucked paying the exorbitant prices for a copy in the UK. Fortunately I have found a Spanish retailer that will post to the UK meaning I was able to get this for £35 including postage, which is a saving of about £60. So WOOOOOOOOOOO!

Anyway, the game came highly recommended, so prepare for me to shit all over your dreams! Continue reading

Total Carnage. Malibu Games/Black Pearl (1993) Super Nintendo

I kinda liked Super Smash TV, it was bloody difficulty, but if you were in the zone, and everything just “clicked” it was bloody fun and a hell of a laugh.

So what would Acclaim do to follow that great game up? Well, them being a lazy game developer they pretty much reskinned Super Smash TV into a Faux-Schwarzenegger commando type military shooter in the vein of MERCS. Continue reading

Golden Axe 3. Sega AM7 (1993) Sega Genesis

No western cover art exists

No western cover art exists

I really didn’t like Golden Axe, and while Golden Axe II was slightly better, it still wasn’t a good game. So rather than prolonging my suffering I decided to play the final installment in the Golden Axe saga (that isn’t an arcade exclusive, or a Sega Game Gear game). Golden Axe 3 was a Japan exclusive, but did feature on the Sega Channel for a while in the US, but on the whole, isn’t the most well known of the three.

So where does Golden Axe 3 sghape up then, and have they finally polished a turd? Continue reading

Streets of Rage II. Sega (1993) Sega Genesis


I like Streets of Rage, it holds up in a way that Golden Axe simply doesn’t, and like the inevitability of the tide, I come to Streets of Rage 2, arguably the best of the trilogy.

With that, it isn’t a question of *IF* SoR2 is better, more a question of *HOW MUCH* better SoR2.

Oh, and I really like the Japanese title for the game, Bare Knuckle II: The Requiem of the Deadly Battle.  Continue reading

Shining Force. Climax Entertainment (1993) Sega Genesis


After chatting to a number of people on Twitter, and seeing a “Top Genesis games” list that featured Shining Force as the top Megadrive game,  I figured I would finally have a playthrough and see what it is all about.

So where does Shining Force stand in my imaginary list of top Megadrive games? Continue reading

Batman Returns. Konami (1993) Super Nintendo

The site has become a bit Capcom heavy, so I am going to try upping the Konami output for the month with Konami Month.


I had been working on the assumption that all Batman games were a bag of wank until the Arkham series, but after having the game suggested to me on Reddit and Twitter as a decent beat ’em up, I thought I’d don the cape, and pretend I know what is happening in Gotham. Continue reading