Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels. Nintendo R&D4 (1986) Nintendo

Super Mario Bros 2/The Lost Levels is the true sequel to Super Mario Bros but because us Westerners were treated like babies we got a different Mario 2.

It wasn’t until much later, when the Super Mario Allstars collection on the SNES was released that we finally got to experience this game. So with that in mind, I am playing the SNES version because it has save states, and unlimited continues!

Anyway, good, bad, or mediocre? Continue reading


The Legend of Zelda, Nintendo (1986) NES


Zelda, the useless bint is on screen for less than 5 seconds, yet it is all about her. Feminism gone mad! Bloody bra burners!

Meanwhile poor Link, doesn’t even get a mention in his first starring game… Continue reading