Final Fantasy OriginsOk, it seems that Jamie was incompetent, and bought two copies of Final Fantasy Origins.

Rather than try to return it, we are going to give it away, and maybe drum up some hits on our site.


Comment on this page! Make me laugh, appeal to my manlyness, give me a sob story as to why you want/need this game. Best one wins. It is that simple.

Winner will be chosen by the 4 mysterious admins.

I will then figure out a way to post it to you.


It is a PAL, UK, PLAYSTATION version. So the text is in English, and requires a working PLAYSTATION.

Booklet is in perfect condition.

Minor scratches on disc.


If you don’t know, Final Fantasy Origins is a slight remake of final Fantasy 1 and 2. But if you don’t know that you don’t deserve the game.


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Go on, show your love.

Terms and Conditions
This is small text nobody will read, but for poops and giggles I am writing it. Maybe refer to the fact I like sausage sandwiches in your post, maybe talk about the implications of the emancipation proclamation on racial attitudes in sub-Saharan culture.

COMPETITION CLOSES 3RD NOVEMBER. Winner will be announced soon after.

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