Final Fantasy Origins GIVEAWAY!

Final Fantasy OriginsOk, it seems that Jamie was incompetent, and bought two copies of Final Fantasy Origins.

Rather than try to return it, we are going to give it away, and maybe drum up some hits on our site.


Comment on this page! Make me laugh, appeal to my manlyness, give me a sob story as to why you want/need this game. Best one wins. It is that simple.

Winner will be chosen by the 4 mysterious admins.

I will then figure out a way to post it to you.


It is a PAL, UK, PLAYSTATION version. So the text is in English, and requires a working PLAYSTATION.

Booklet is in perfect condition.

Minor scratches on disc.


If you don’t know, Final Fantasy Origins is a slight remake of final Fantasy 1 and 2. But if you don’t know that you don’t deserve the game.


Since you’re here, you might as well follow us at @GamesRevisited, or on our crappy new Facebook page.

Go on, show your love.

Terms and Conditions
This is small text nobody will read, but for poops and giggles I am writing it. Maybe refer to the fact I like sausage sandwiches in your post, maybe talk about the implications of the emancipation proclamation on racial attitudes in sub-Saharan culture.

COMPETITION CLOSES 3RD NOVEMBER. Winner will be announced soon after.

And, since you’re here, go check out the rest of our site. Archive.

10 comments on “Final Fantasy Origins GIVEAWAY!
  1. When I was a young orphan, I asked an old man about the meaning of life. He said, “To understand life, you must understand Origins.” It took me years to realize he had prophesied the development of this game, not referenced the beginning of the universe. I wish to understand life.


  2. I ♥ ロEnix says:

    I want to win this game so I can put it for sale on eBay and make money


  3. Not Jonny V says:

    me want game for review fing. Me play game good fun time soon. Nobody deserve but me. Me not jonny v. Honest.


  4. We’ve always felt that Final Fantasy Origins was a historical comment on the emancipation proclamation on racial attitudes in sub-Saharan culture like you say (obviously) but it’s more about a greater concept explored by the series as a whole.

    Digging a little deeper we know that Final Fantasy is about humanity’s never ending search for love and meaning in life. Like all juicy cooked sausages that fall inadvertently from the youthful sandwich of worldly wonder, we strive to find an oven we can jump back into to provide us with warmth and purpose.

    We will remain here, popping squeaking and sizzling towards our destiny until the fateful day when sexy/crispy golden brown turns to blackened charcoal and we disintegrate into the ash and grease stained grill-pan of mortality.

    Hearing the fire alarm, the Gods fan their tea towels to disperse the smoke and reach into the fridge of souls to pull out another meat stick to start the cycle anew.

    This is exactly why the Final Fantasy series will never have a ‘Final’ iteration and why we are all wishing hopelessly that some day we may be reinstated in all our majesty face down in tomato/HP sauce.


  5. Ashley taylor says:

    You should give me this game cause I want it and don’t have it yet 🙂


  6. Nathan says:

    Each year, thousands of Chocobos are killed for sport, by Nathan. These helpless creatures can be saved, but not without your help. Please, donate what you can. 1 copy of Final Fantasy Origins is enough to distract a Nathan and spare the lives of literally millions of these majestic creatures. Please, give what you can. Thank you.

    (Please note, this pun is fictional, no chocobo were harmed on the writing of this. I’m not mental, I understand chocobo are fictional. If you replace all of the “chocobo” words above with the word “chicken” you get a better idea of what I do on my days off)


  7. I ♥ ロEnix says:

    “If you replace all of the “chocobo” words above with the word “chicken” you get a better idea of what I do on my days off”

    So you’re saying you’re going to go kill thousands of chickens unless you’re distracted by this game

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Holliday says:

    How do you wake up lady gaga? You poke her face!!!!!
    How does lady gaga like her meat? Raw raw!! Rarara!!!


  9. Nick Tebbs says:

    I was wandering along on a winters days, when suddenly, an exhausted robin flew into my leg. I cradled it in my arms before placing it into my mouth and swallowing the winged beast. Afterwards, I thought to myself, gee, I could really go for a free copy of Origins right now…..TBC


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