Top 15 Light Gun Guns

I love Light Gun Games, but what about the guns themselves? are they any good?

Well wonder no more, for I have gotten my hands on as many as I can and played as many games as possible with them,. So here is my none definitive list* of best Light Gun Guns. I will rate them on the following:

  • Comfort: How comfortable is the thing to hold: Too heavy, feels cheap, awkward?
  • Game Support: All the ergonomic design in the world won’t make up for having one game released for it will it?
  • Value for money**: This is surprisingly multifaceted. Games are covered on their own section but one great game doesn’t make a £50 gun a good investment, and do you need to buy other add-ons to make it work?
  • Does it actually work?: Simple really, but does the gun hit what I am pointing at? Some games worked off grids so if you’re in the same post code you’ll hit. Some are ultra accurate and to hit the exact same spot twice in a row you need a sniper rifle and a tripod.
  • My Rating: Perhaps the most important aspect, do I like the gun. Does it annoy me, do I rush to play that console because the gun is such a pleasure to hold? Or would I rather sodomise myself with the gun than actually use it as a gun.
  • Overall: The previous points are all scored out of 10. This is me trying to add up numbers to achieve an overall figure.

I will only include “main” guns that were released in the UK that I can get my hands on, they can either be first or 3rd party guns but they need to have sold more than three guns. So that weird ultra realistic Chinese import you had and loved doesn’t count, or the JAP/US only guns. I don’t do imports, but if you have one let me know and I’ll consider adding it.

* I am not including consoles that have wooden panelling or on-screen displays that make the NES look ultra Hi-Def.
** Where prices are stated the UK price is based on what I consider reasonable on eBay, the US is rounded up or down. Conversion based on exchange rates in May 2017 Continue reading


Games Revisited’s Top 50 Retro Games!

Three years ago to the day Games Revisited was born, and to celebrate we have put our heads together again to come up with a TOP 50 games list.

With a new list, we have updated the rules a little. There are no wild card this year, so if it was wildcarded last year and not reviewed then it drops out of our list.


  1. One per franchise
  2. Nothing later than the SIXTH (PS2/DreamCast/XBox and GameCube) Console Generation
  3. Up/Down”#” refers to climbing or falling in the charts

Here we go! Continue reading

Games Revisited’s Retro Gaming Hall of Shame!

We are coming up to our three year anniversary, and will be doing a top 50 list of the best Retro Games, that we think you should play.

To prepare you for such a momentous occasion, we are going to show you a very short list of the absolute trash that you should avoid, keeping in mind we avoid bad games where possible, these are games that we tried, and wanted to give a chance, but we found nothing redeemable about them.

We consider these games to be so bad we won’t even link to them. Except to the Sonic Fanboi pages on Reddit.

In no particular order… Continue reading

Fallout Maps Overlayed

I was playing with this, and a few people like it. So I am banging it here so I can link to it from things other than Twatter/Instagram. People have since asked for Fallout 3 and 4 maps.

The geographic size of the map bares little relation to the size of the map in gameplay. This is just to demonstrate the areas covered in the games. But those that are interested (thanks to DudeOverdosed on Reddit) to walk from corner to corner of the maps it takes:

  • Fallout 4 – 56 Mins
  • Fallout New Vegas – 1Hr 9Mins
  • Fallout 3 – 1Hr 11Mins

Here is a YouTube walkthrough of it (sped up). Continue reading