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Opinion: Worst gaming trends

I am at an age now where I have lived through a number of gaming fads, that thankfully were consigned to the annals of history. I’m not talking about the quality of games, and story writing, I am also not

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Opinion: What is the worst trope in zombie games?

This isn’t really an opinion piece, as I am more interested in your opinions on this. But what is the worst feature, trope, or cliche in a zombie game?

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Light Gun Games, why you need an old TV

This isn’t a list of light gun games, or the best light guns, but a little bit of advice if you want to play Light Gun games. However, if you’re interested in our views on Lightgun games, we have reviewed a fair

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OPINION: GamerGate, and why I hate “Gamers”.

Arrr Gamergate. I might as well weigh in here as it seems as good a topic to have my first opinion piece on. So let’s go to the beginning and see what it is all about?

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