Gotcha Force. Capcom (2004) Gamecube


Yo, this be Reuben. You probably don’t know me, let’s face it, but I write for ol’ Stuff and That. That fact beside, I write for these chaps now as well, so hi.

You probably haven’t heard of Gotcha Force before, and that’s because it was a pretty random game, and went relatively unnoticed aside by some nutters with its mixed review scores and obnoxious shtick. Turns out, I was one of those nutters who noticed it, and played over 1000 hours of it back in the day. Recently, I’ve gone back to it, and I’m wondering if it’s really as good as I remember it. Continue reading


Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem. Silicon Knights (2002) Gamecube


It is fair to say Eternal Darkness wasn’t the most commercially successful game (less than 500,000 worldwide sales). I guess some of the blame can be put at the feet of Nintendo, as the Gamecube wasn’t the most popular system. But primarily I blame gamers.

Eternal Darkness is one of those examples of a great idea, with a novel setting, and implemented well. But since it was on the Gamecube, and wasn’t a Zelda or Mario, it didn’t sell as well as it should.

So, fuck you people that bought games in 2002, you’re the reason we aren’t allowed nice things. Continue reading

Star Wars Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron II. Lucas Arts (2002) Gamecube


Also known as Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader.

How many times do you have to pick up a game, play, give up, re-pick it up and put it down again before you are finally allowed to admit you just don’t like the game anymore? That is Rogue Squadron II for me.

Over a year and a half I have started and restarted it 5 times, and have struggled to get beyond the first set of missions.

But, is it a good game? Or has it crushed by my own nostalgia glasses? Continue reading

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Nintendo EAD (2003) Gamecube

Wind Waker Boxart

Wind Waker has always been a strange one for me. I can remember the faux outrage over the cartooney graphics, and I can remember getting bored of the game around the plot twist. So originally (in two attempts), I never completed it.

Fast forward 13 years however and there are many MANY things which make Wind Waker my favourite Zelda game, but then, there are also a few things I take umbrage with. Continue reading

Resident Evil Code: Veronica X. Capcom (2003) Gamecube

Code Veronica X gamecase

Firstly, for clarity… This is a slightly revised version for the Gamecube of Code: Veronica, it featured slightly better graphics, and about 9 minutes of extra cut scenes. The original version of Code: Veronica was release in 2001 for the Dreamcast and PlayStation2, but for the purposes of the review I am referring to the Gamecube version (Code: Veronica X).

For the Normal Code: Veronica review, click here. Continue reading

Resident Evil: REBirth. Capcom (2002) Gamecube

Resident Evil REBirth case

And here we are, Resident Evil 1 remake, also known as Resident Evil: Remake (REmake), or Resident Evil: Rebirth (REBirth) (I will refer to this game as REBirth).

On our poll on Facebook/Twitter and the Blog this is the game that is coming top in our viewers eyes, so is it as good as everyone says? Could this be the best Resident Evil game? Or has it been George Lucas’d? Continue reading

Resident Evil Zero. Capcom (2002) Gamecube

Resident Evil Zero Box

So, the logical place to start with this is the beginning, and by beginning, I mean the ZERO (the prequel), because you know… Capcom wouldn’t George Lucas our asses, and introduce a load of bullshit like Leeches Metachlorians. Continue reading