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Boardgames: Pandemic. Z-Man Games (2008)

Can you save Humanity with Pandemic? I’ve been playing Pandemic and off for the past 18 months but with the outbreak of the actual pandemic the game got put away and ignored for a good 6 months as it felt

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Boardgames: King of Tokyo. IELLO (2014)

I first played King of Tokyo around 5 years ago around a Sramble’s house and remembered the ease and quick fire fun it brought, so when I was browsing a nerdshop for Warhammer and I spotted KoT on the shelf

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Boardgames: Space Hulk 1st Edition. Games Workshop (1989)

Since we are old men we actually seem to spend more of our time playing boardgames, maybe we like to connect and see people face-to-face, maybe we are just saddos, but either way we probably going to do the odd

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