Conquering a GARGANTUAN backlog

I did really well not buying any games in the run up to Christmas. As I was buying so much I decided to make a list of everything I owned and hadn’t played as a motivation to stop wasting so much money, and try and enjoy what I had.

However, I quit my job at Christmas. It basically means I’ve spent my money on guitars and videogames. So I need more motivation to get back on the not buying games kick.

Since a list worked relatively well previously, I am going to do the same thing, but add my progress from last time.

Same as last time, if you see a game on the list that isn’t crossed out let us know and I’ll try and get round to it. If the game is crossed out, and you can’t find a review that means it is scheduled. Due to enjoying unemployment I have scheduled the next two months…

Progress update:

53 games beaten since October 2016.
41 new games bought, 17 of which I have beaten
3 games are broken (That I know of)

Backlog stands at 273 (WOO PROGRESS!)

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Conquering an almighty backlog


I have been going pretty crazy buying stuff recently, I filled the larger bookcase at home,  and a friend gave me another one for free. Which is now also nearly full. I figured writing down what I had not played would be a good way to stop me buying more games.

I’m not going to start doing Backlog gaming, as that is done better by Conquering the gaming backlog and Particle Bit. But I am going to list here what I have in the hope that it motivates me to play what is in this list, and stops me buying more.

There are a few duplicates across systems, and I haven’t listed every version of Super Mario Bros I own (about 6) and where things go out of alphabetical order it is because they are loose case games, and are arbitrarily stacked.

On the off chance there is a game in this list you want me to cover let me know in comments, and I’ll bump it towards the top. Continue reading