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Anno 1503: The New World. Max Design (2003) PC

(Released in Germany 2002) Anno 1602 was a sedate game, but on the whole I enjoyed it, so when I was bored and looking for games on Good Old Games I thought i’d give the sequel a try. And yes,

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Warhammer Fantasy Battles: Tomb Kings vs High Elves

In my second venture into the land of Khemri and the Tomb Kings I went over to Stockport to try out Element Games to play somebody also testing his list for the Tournament I am going to in Sunderland. So

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Warhammer Fantasy Battles: Tomb Kings vs Dwarves

In preparation for a Warhammer Tournament I have been beavering away making sure that my “new” Tomb King army is painted and ready. Part of being ready requires me to test my army to see what it is good at,

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Mutant Football League. Digital Dreams Entertainment (2018) PlayStation 4

Cards on the table, I helped Kickstart this game. I paid a not inconsiderable amount to have myself put in the game, that due to me actually forgetting about kickstarting, my player was named after my former band (Black Moon

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To The Earth. Cirque Vert (1989) Nintendo

A while back I did a top light gun games list and encouraged people to drop us a line if they knew any Light Gun Games that had a PAL release that I hadnt included in that list. And so

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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. From Software (2019) PlayStation 4

I’ve played Sekiro for about 2 months now and after several false starts, a few rage quits and more than my fair share of childish meltdowns I finally beat the game on the easy ending and despite this, am slightly

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SEGA GT. Wow Entertainment (2000) Sega Dreamcast

The Sega Dreamcast odyssey continues this week as I pluck SEGA GT from the ever dwindling collection of Dreamcast games that I own. I am not the biggest racing sim fan, but I enjoyed the original Gran Turismo at the

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