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The King of Dragons. Capcom (1994) Arcade

Have you ever played a game and thought it must be this game that people are thinking of when they say Golden Axe is a good game? I know opinion is subjective and all that, but look deep in your

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NHL ’94. EA Canada (1993) Sega Genesis

So… THIS was my favourite game growing up. Not Road Rash, not Aladdin, not Super Mario World or Super Mario Bros 3.  You will probably ask why and that would indeed be a pertinent question. You see, the answer is

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PGA Tour Golf. EA Sports (1991) Sega Genesis

It is that time where once every 2 years the Americans and Europeans care about golf (apart from those blokes named Trevor (HI TREVOR!))… So what better why to captilise on a sport I know fuck all about except what

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Resident Evil’s most one-off monsters!

Everyone loves a one-off boss; be it an epic pitched battle, a small nimble freight-fest, or even an unlimited ammo bullet sponge. So there is almost endless variety in bosses, but what about those regular enemies that appear in a

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Resident Evil Origins Collections: Resident Evil Zero. Capcom (2016) PlayStation 4

Do you ever go back and replay something and feel you were too generous the first time round? I like Zero, but playing through it a couple of times again recently a few of the flaws really stood out to

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Alien vs Predator. Capcom (1994) Arcade

Every now and then somebody on the internet makes the mistake of airing an opinion which usually leads to a spot of flaming from man babies or Reddit Trolls, and one such occurrence was somebody uttering that Alien vs Predator is

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Resident Evil Origins Collection: Resident Evil HD. Capcom (2016) PlayStation 4

I love Resident Evil Rebirth, the GameCube remake of the original gangsta that is Resident Evil, but even I am getting bored of remakes of remakes of remakes. Including the Directors Cut this is the 4th version of one game,

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