We’re awesome, it’s true!


I am the fearless leader of the ragtag group of miscreants.

I am occasionally witty, and do all the techy stuff
in the background.

I love: Resident Evil, Capcom 1983 – 2008, Final Fantasy, and utterly fanboy over Nobuo Uematsu.

I hate: Capcom 2009 onwards, and Final Fantasy fanboys.



Chief grump, wrestling fanboy. Dislikes Jamie immensely,
and refuses to be in the same room as him.
Actually kinda funny.

I love: Batman (he’s a scientist), Tony Hawks 1-4, Wrestling
games of any quality,  pretty much anything on the N64,
starting JRPG’s and not finishing them.

I hate: Jamie, Football, Jamie again, anybody who fanboys out
over gadgets – so I’m assuming I will hate the Oculus Rift.

Twitter: @NegativeCheer


I have a poodle perm, and I like guitar hero.

I love: Jamie

I hate: Destiny

Twitter: @Dave_Syndrome



Not actually sure what I am doing here. I am French, and play a lot of Football games. I suck ass at Earthworm Jim.

I love: Wine, Cheese, and croissants.

I hate: The dutch

Twitter: @mattbryan22 



Shouty metalhead, write music, and now write reviews.

I love: Final Fantasy VII

I hate: Final Fantasy VIII, and the Water Temples in Zelda