Want to write for us? Games Revisited’s Style Guide

Title: Name of Game. Developer (year of game) Console you are playing game on.

Ie: Silent Hill 2. Konami (2001) Playstation 2. For year stick to EU release date if there is a difference.


[Insert picture of boxart]

Introductory pre-ramble. This tends to be why you chose to play this game, is it important to you? Do you have fond memories of the game? Usually not more than 200 words. If you want to cover a game we have already done you have to ask for permission. Check Homepage to see if game has been covered.

[Insert Read More Tag shift+alt+t]

[Title in heading 2]

This is usually Gameplay first. What is the game / genre? This is mostly factual for the first paragraph. When mentioning key characters or the name of the game always embolden them. If referring to other games link to them using [add/edit link], if mentioning the same game again use bold. You do not need to link to the same game multiple times.

[insert screenshot of game always center aligned]

The subsequent paragraphs can expand on the gameplay. What works, what doesn’t? Has a mechanic aged badly?

This section can be anywhere between 200 to 1000 words there is more to write about game types such as an RPG than there is in a FPS. Do you want to link to another game? You can do, use the [insert/edit link] option, you can paste a link in, or if it is internal start typing the games name and the link will populate.

[insert image if section is longer to break up wall of text. always center aligned]

[Title in heading 2]

I usually go for the story second. If the story is short weave it into the Gameplay. Avoid spoilers, and if covering something such as an RPG cover up to the first twist. If you are copying a synopsis from wikipedia. Make sure you A, link to the page. B at least make an effort to change the text so it fits the tone of your piece. ALWAYS SAY YOU HAVE BORROWED THE TEXT FROM WIKIPEDIA.

Other topics covered here would be characters, or factions. Short descriptions of characters if required but keep short, avoid spoilers. Do you like them? Are they relatable (do they need to be relatable)

Same with differing factions if they change the gameplay choosing one over the other.

[Insert image of game. Centre aligned]

[Title in heading 2]

Is the game a sequel or a spin-off from another game, if so what improvements have been made over it’s predecessor?

This section might not be needed.

[Insert image of game. Centre aligned]

[Title in heading 2]

Any other gumph you think needs to be included? Did you need to download a dodgy patch for the game to work

This section might not be needed.

[Insert image of game. Centre aligned]

Conclusion [in heading 2]

How was the game? Did it live up to your expectations? Would you recommend the game? Was it worth while revisiting? Is it still as good as it was when you first played it? Usually 200-300 words

Pros: [In Bold]: general terms like the music, maybe the word music is a link to music. Are the characters engaging? 3 to 5 is usually enough. Don’t bullet point. Can be humorous

Cons [in Bold]: Short description of and negatives. Awkward controls, poor graphics. 3 to 5 is usually enough.  Can be humorous

SCORE IN HEADING 1 AS A PERCENTAGE ie 76% (50% is average)

Back in the Day: [in Heading 2]

How did the game score at release. Wikipedia is a good enough source as long as they cite where the scores are from. Did the game win any awards? Usually 50-100 words

Also Available on [in bold]: Other consoles the game was released on, comma separated, include Virtual Arcades. Can just list PC to cover DOS and versions of Windows.



Other stuff:

In categories check the platform you are playing the game on


Year, game name, game series, developers, publishers, genre, key characters

Featured Image:

Set this to the box art or a custom humorous image you made

Spellcheck… Gameplay is a word, but look for red and blue squiggles. Do not type in Word and paste in, if pasting in paste as plain text.

SAVE. Do not publish until it is checked. Posts go out at 9am Mondays, and we are often scheduling a few weeks in advance with the occasional Thursday.

Want to get involved either message us here or send an email to lepiorz3@googlemail.com. There is no pay, we are hobbyists. We don’t expect you to be fully fledged journalists but moderate sentence construction is a must.

If somebody goes to the effort of commenting on your post have the courtesy to respond. If they are a douche feel free to flame. Don’t be racist/ableist/sexist in your response as I moderate.

I'm awesome. I write about videogames occasionally but spend most time painting and playing Warhammer in varying formats.

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