Command & Conquer: Tiberium Sun. Westwood Studios (1999) PC

I have been looking forward to this. I never really played it back in the day. I remember my mate had it. He bought a top of the range PC in around 1997/98 and unlike him went out and bought Tiberium Sun the day it was released in the UK. Me being me, I eagerly turned up and sat there waiting with him. Waiting, waiting, and waiting. Seriously it took about 5 hours to install. This was 1999 and well, we thought this was normal.

He loads up the game, and… well it ran so badly even I gave up and left. It ran at 2-3 frames a second and was unplayable to me. Skip to the current year, and I have finally gotten round to playing Tiberium Sun.


Well, Tiberium Sun is a Real Time strategy like the previous Command & Conquer games.

And that is pretty much all I can tell you…

The amount of power you need is now no longer a guessing game


I am playing the Origin Version from the first 20 years pack, and well, Tiberium Sun is broken.

Firstly it requires a patch from an unofficial site. Just to get the pop up menu to load to actually start the game. This one is easy enough to find and I have verified it Wang those files in the Tiberium Sun folder whereever it is saved on your computer.

But after that, when you load up the game… The mouse scroll speed is simply too fast. Go near the edge of the screen you will almost instantly fly to the edge of the map. You can get round this slightly my using right click to navigate the screen, but the scroll speed is still too fast. I can get through the first few missions, but by mission 4 or 5 the enemy are moving too quick and you can’t focus on an enemy unit quickly enough to not have 1 lone Nod (or GDI solider) to take out a significant portion of help from your army. This is obviously a serious issue on limited resource missions where maximum efficiency with troop damage is the only way to beat a level.

Not a fan of the aesthetic


I can’t really tell you, you’re in the future and Kane has made a comeback. Westwood seriously up the acting budget as James Earl Jones is roped in to play a GDI commander, and Michael Biehn takes on the role of Commander O’Neil. It makes me feel a lttle bit bad for Joseph Kucan as his acting is slightly overshadowed by seasoned professionals hamming it up. But again, I can’t get the game to work properly.

If you play as Nod the story focusses on the Cival War that erupts within the Brotherhood in Kane’s absence, with you taking on the role of splintering off and taking back control of Nod from General Hasan. The story is very much told from the perspective of Kane being dead, and I guess the surprise is that Kane isn’t dead and leads you to glory. The problem with this is that if you play GDI first the game starts with Kane returning…

Is it a spoiler when it occurs 30 seconds into the first cutscene of one army?


There are some much needed improvements to the User Interface. For starters, you can shift select a group of units, and then another to combine them. It means you can easily build and add to your squads.

The second major improvement I saw was there is now a build queue. It is fairly limited in that you can only queue 5 units per building, but it is an improvement over the first two of having to give yourself RSI to crank out a tonne of troops.

Troops can now get promoted through killing things. It doesn’t make them god tier or anything, but if you get enough promoted men in a unit you can run amok with ease, they will still die like regular men but it adds a level of personalisation as you grow attached to 3 pixel high soliders with no faces.

One other improvement is the introduction of more cinematic missions, camera panning has been introduced to show you what is going on and highlight plot developments. But also cutscenes will play in the build bar. It is a nice touch and means Tiberium Sun is able to fit in some more story and adding more immersion to the story.

GDI screenshot for prosperity…


Tiberium Sun received one add-on pack named Firestorm, this, rather than being a series of difficult standalone missions is a continuation of the story. Following from the GDI campaign ending it follows from the death of Kane, and GDIs attempts to eradicate Tiberium to stop the hideous mutations that are occurring as a result of it


I will have to revisit Tiberium Sun if and when the game is fixed, or I persuade somebody with a working copy to play it. It its current state and the amount I have managed to play it forming an opinion would be unfair beyond me saying the more futuristic setting isn’t to my taste. From what little I have managed to play I can safely say I am less keen on the aesthetics of the game, the stompy robots/powersuit typr troop is much less appealing to me and seems like it was a response to the increasing popularity of games such as Total Annihilation, but again, without playing more of the game it would be unfair to mark the game as 2-3 hours struggling with shite controls is exactly as fun as it sounds.

Let us know if you have a copy that works and I’d be more than happy to have you review it for us.

Pros: Stellar acting talent on show, fixes some of the issues from previous games

Cons: Game doesn’t work

Back in the Day:

Tiberium Sun was highly anticipated, but the reviews were not quite as strong as the previous entries it seemed to score well in some sectors but the score tended to land around the high 70s to low 80s.

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5 comments on “Command & Conquer: Tiberium Sun. Westwood Studios (1999) PC
  1. I have high regards for Westwood Studios and their games.

    There’s definitely fun in Tiberian Sun.

    Its campaign can have someone playing for many hours.

    There’s also that epic mission where you had to defend the crashed GDI command ship.

    Thanks for taking me on a nostalgic trip with this one.

    And this actually reminded me of Red Alert 2, another great if not the best Command & Conquer game.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I feel like Tiberium Sun could be great, but since EA left it to rot I can’t get it into a playable state.

      The mouse jumps about too much, so one guy can wipe your base as you try and zero in on him.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Goric says:

    I never played it ether (either?) StarCraft took most of strategy space back then..

    I always saw CC type of Dune deal, though. And kinda was always interested the CC franchise, if just to expand the library


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