Resident Evil’s most one-off monsters!

I published this slightly before That Green Dudes Resident Evil Memories,  but I thought I’d help out and join in

Everyone loves a one-off boss; be it an epic pitched battle, a small nimble freight-fest, or even an unlimited ammo bullet sponge. So there is almost endless variety in bosses, but what about those regular enemies that appear in a game? But not just the REGULAR regular chaps and chappettes but those one-offs that appear for 3 and a half seconds in one game in a series that, let’s be honest is pretty bloated.

Well I got your backs brother (and sisters), as I onow we’re all thinking that the internet needs a pointless list. So here is my pointless run down of some of the greatest (and most ‘huh’) one-off enemies that I have noticed in the Resident Evil Series.

As already indicated I won’t be including any bosses so this rules out Tyrant variants and other such big nasties and this list is in the order I remembered the enemies but what better way to rank them then to use a one-off Barry-o-meter where everything will be give a score in Barry Burtons.

Bandersnatchers (Code: Veronica)

These geezers appear in Code: Veronica and have one long stretchy arm that will annoyingly punch or grab you from across the screen. As enemies go they were decent enough and added some variety but being slower than the service at a Costa Coffee they posed zero threat to the point I had to replay the game to remember what they did to attack.

Cyborg Hunters (Code: Veronica)

Strictly speaking these are just a Hunter and no doubt have a “proper” name for them, but Veronica introduced little scanner bots that would trigger Hunters arriving suggesting these are controllable. Based on how well all Umbrella tech has worked out at this point I don’t for one second think they are mind-controlled, but maybe Robot Hunters. I don’t care what the fanbois say, and I guess this is where the Reddit comments of “I stopped reading when…” will be uttered. But whatever semantics you want to argue, these are a one-off special hunter that appeared once.

Crimson Heads (REBirth/HD)

These guys are great and makes no sense why they stopped being in the game. They are 1000 times better than Urobos enemies.


Leech Zombies (Zero)

OK I actually hate these things, but as enemies go they are amazing. They will kick the FUCKING SHIT OUT OF YOU and if you do manage to kill them without fire they will explode with such a ferocity that Rebecca will most likely die. Even when I get good at Zero these things stomp on me, and my personel level of competence prevents me from reliably killing them.

That’s why I run away like a coward.

Apes (Zero)

The Pursuer Apes can better be described as plot ex-machina. They pretty much only appear to drive the plot and they fucking suck. Need some cheap tension for Billy to rescue Rebecca, plot monkeys. Need Billy to disappear for like 3 minutes so Rebecca can fight a Leech Zombie on her own? Plot Monkeys.

Other than that they appear on two other sections and are never heard of again. But when they do appear they are frustratingly fast and take more than one shotgun blast to the face to kill meaning they’ll fuck up your shit faster than a Taco Bell.

Novistador (Resident Evil 4)

Proving you can just add Dor on the end to create a real Spanish name. The “No Sight” are blind *duh* insectoid goombas that prance around and go ape shit if they hear you. They are a temporary nuisance and actually pretty fearsome requiring cojones to take these feckers on.

Baby Sharks and Neptune (Resident Evil)

Well, not Neptune, he is a boss. Or is it a she? I’ll stick to gender neutral as to not cause offence. These shark bastards can have 2 scores depending if you’re playing the Original/Director’s Cut, or the ReMakes as one is a useless floating turd that does precisely nothing, and one is a freaking fast ass shark that gives the ones in Deep Blue Sea a run for their money chomping you to a bloody KFC shit faster than you can say Double Wicked Zinger Meal.

Original and Directors Cut

REBirth and HD

Drain Deimos (Resident Evil 3)

I had to look at the Resident Evil wikia to discover these were not just Chimeras rendered better. Turns out these are mutated fleas that scuttle around and die relatively easy. I can remember them appearing like twice near an elevator.

Chimeras (Resident Evil)

Well, I learnt something today. These are not giant cockroach monsters but are supposed to be super deadly, harder versions of Hunters. I wouldn’t know as on 100s of playthroughs I have completely ignored them every single time. Which is apparently a good thing…

Cockroaches (Resident Evil 2)

I had to play this game a lot to find an enemy that only appears in 2, and that is the shitty cockroaches that appear in the sewer labs where Annette Birkin shoots Leon. They are shit and doesn’t surprise me that they never appeared again.

But… I have died to these as I put the pad down and answered the door, that is enough to earn them half a Barry.

Regenerator (Resident Evil 4)

These guys were cool as fuck. You need a sniper rifle and a thermal scope to zoom in on the Las Plagas inside the body, otherwise they would keep Regenerating *see what they did there?* Pretty novel, pants browning to come up against in tight rooms.

The alternative is to Rambo the fuck out of them a fail.

Ivy (Resident Evil 2)

Oh yeah, the plants!!! Do they count as Plant 42 ? They were just sort of shitty vine creatures that in well over 100 playthroughs poisoned me once. I love the 2nd game but Christ are some of the enemies forgettable.

Armourdura (Resident Evil 4)

Just an Uruboros in a suit of armour, but not much short of a Magnum to the face would put these down so it is a surprise that Umbrella’s entire strategy wasn’t “Put zombies in suits of armour”, leaving mass uncontrollable Tyrant monsters as a Plan B.

Wasps (Resident Evil)

Ha wasps… I honestly love wasting shotgun ammo on these for complete overkill, hell even using the infinite rocket launcher for the lols. But lets face it. These are shite.

Adders (Resident Evil)

They appear in two sections and are completely forgettable unless they poison you. However for that 1 in a million where they successfully poison you there is a larger supply of Blue Herbs either side of them that would make George Jung blush means they are totally worthless.

Frog (Resident Evil Zero)

I compiled this list while playing Resident Evil Zero and completed it twice for the HD review so it speaks volumes for an enemy that *might* randomly jump out a bit of water in the Treatment Plant that it made no impression on me whatsoever to the point that I only rediscovered it from checking endless amounts of wikipedia entries on the series. I had to stand perfectly still for 5 seconds for this to happen so they are pretty wank. But they do attack, so they have something going for them.

That’s it then folks, did I miss something? Want to flame because you think the Wasps are secretly the greatest adversary in the series? Upset that I refuse to use the real names according to in-game files or wikia entries? Well feel free to spam the comments, I do actually read and respond to them.

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6 comments on “Resident Evil’s most one-off monsters!
  1. LightningEllen says:

    Regenerators still freak me the f out. Those were the most intense sniper moments I’ve ever had in a game, haha.


  2. benez256 says:

    Regenerators are a real pain in the ass! The first time I played the game I forgot to take the scope and I’ve wasted half of my ammo and all of my bombs just to kill the first. Plus they do that stupid noise like they suffer from asthma. I hate them

    Liked by 1 person

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