Pit-Fighter. Atari Games (1990) Arcade

I’m going to do something slightly different here as I have played Pit-Fighter in the arcade, on a Master System, on the Genesis and on the Super Nintendo so I will collectively review them all and give them all a different score if appropriate. However, as I spent most of my time on the arcade version that will be the basis for the review.


Pit-Fighter is a Tournament Fighter with some attempted twists, typically, in one player mode you would fight in a one-on-one format. But in the arcades there was an option to play it in three player mode and have some sort of all out brawl. That is basically it other than when you beat an opponent you will move on to the next fight with the health you had at the end of the previous level. Not like ClayFighter 63 1/3 where damage carries over between rounds, it carries over into another fight. And that fucking sucks. And is obviously an arcade con to steal credits.

However, the one bonus to this is when you die and continue the person you are fighting will be on the amount of health they were on when you died. So pump enough credits in and you’ll win the game by default (guess how I beat it?).

Arcade gameplay

The Good

You can throw motorbikes at your opponent.

That’s kinda it there really aren’t many positives here. The only other thing worth of note, and I didn’t especially like this, was that the crowd (not present on the Master System) would jump out and stab you, or push you in the back. I get the concept, but it fucking sucks by further stifling and already stilted fighting game.

Master System…

The Bad

This section could get a little bloated as to be honest, the game is fucking woeful so where shall I start?

Well remember Digitised graphics? They aged well didn’t they! Even games that were apparently good like Mortal Kombat don’t look great or play well in consoles, but Pit-Fighter? Woof. But the sprites themselves aren’t the worst thing about the graphics, it is the complete lack of animation that hurts the eyes. This ain’t no 60FPS MASTER RACE shite, this is 3 frames of animation for a throw. I counted. One of my two tactics to beat the game was pick the opponent up and throw them so I had a lot of time to count. It’s fucking abysmal.

Only 3 characters 2 of which look and play exactly the same as far as I can tell but more on this later.

My main rule for a fighter is “can I figure out any moves” and I coundn’t on the arcade version. On the Genesis and Master System with 3 and 2 buttons respectively, I could do the “special move” for Ty, which was a crummy jump kick. The worst thing after checking is that there actually aren’t any moves you just sort of hammer punch and kick with occasional jump or throw attacks and that is supposed to sate your fighting itch.

I beat entire game either spamming regular kick, or walking up to them and throwing them (and tonnes of credits).

Genesis. FYI – Level 10 is SUPER fair


Buzz – An ex-wrestler

Ty – A Kickboxing Champion

Kato – 3rd Degree Black Belt

You can guess the wrestler is slow and a little more powerful, but the other two play exactly the same just with a slightly different animation. It’s shit. And I won’t waste my time talking about them.

Super Nintendo


There is literally no reason to play the game. It is abysmal.

Pros: Throwing motorbikes at people

Cons: Pretty much everything else


All of them 0, they are all shit and while the Genesis version is best, Arcade 2nd, Super Nintendo 3rd and Master System 4th none of them are different enough to warrant a variance in the score. +0.1 point for not being Sonic Adventure.

Back in the Day:

CVG gave Pit-Fighter 90% N I N E T Y  P E R C E N T!!!!

Others criticised the lack of animations frames.

Also Available on: Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, C64, MS-DOS, Game Boy, Lynx, ZX Spectrum

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11 comments on “Pit-Fighter. Atari Games (1990) Arcade
  1. Was there no release on the NES? I have a weird recollection of seeing this in a NES magazine I had when I was very young. I could be mistaken though.


  2. I don’t know why, but your repeated assertions of how dreadful this game is had me giggling like a lunatic at my desk. I never bothered with Pit Fighter myself, though I always felt it was the spiritual successor to that other complete pile of rubbish- Primal Rage.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. sebastian says:

    try pc version…..

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