Rampage: World Tour. Saffire Corporation (1998) Nintendo 64

While not a “great” game, Rampage has been one of my surprises of the year. I had never played the series until recently but giving the Master System version a bash and enjoying it, I sought after World Tour, the sequel and since this was release 11 years (and 2 console generations) later you would think a lot of time would be spent on the game and the concept refined and improved upon. 


Errrm, well no. The game hasn’t been improved.

But we’ll do the basics first. Rampage: World Tour is a side scrolling beat ’em up/Monster Sim/City Wrecker where you walk left to right, or right to left (as each level loops until all buildings destroyed) and you punch buildings until they blow up. Destroy enough of them and you move on to the next level.

Again, out to stop you are the military and ScumLabs. So enemies will shoot you and kill you. Unlike the first game where you can take a fair bit of punishment before you die, here you’ll burn through health like there is no tomorrow, tanks will constantly knock you over, space shuttles will zap 1/8 of your health off with 1 shot (and they’ll rapid fire at you), but all of this would be fine, is the fucking controls were not abysmal.

See there *IS* some variety, this level is night time!

The Controls

Oh god the controls are clunky! They weren’t the best on the NES or SMS versions, but on an N64 pad or the arcade control stick you never really seem that in control. Punching tanks is infurating as you have to angle your punch diagonally down, but diagonally down seems context specfic so if you’re not stood on the pixel perfect spot you wont hit a tank. Added on top that the tank almost rapif fires knockback shots onto you you’ll spend an inordinate amount of time being bullying to death by a tank. I know there is a reasonable argument for a tank being hard, but I am a massive NOT-King-Kong a tank should be a minor inconvenience. Also, there is often a few per level,

And, AND A N D! They aren’t even the worst enemy, I mentioned the space shuttles and they such, but they’re few and far between. The absolute worst enemy is the regular non-stop spawning attack helicopters. These will fuck your shit up quicker than you can say STOP FUCKING MY SHIT UP. I hate them. Bastards.

FUCK those helicopters

What’s New?

Very little to be honest, and there is no forgiveness for this. YOU HAD 11 FUCKING YEARS THIS ISN’T A RUSHED OUT SEQUEL 1 YEAR LATER!!!

Anyway… As the name suggests you tour the world… And there are a hell’uv a lot to visit. Spain, Italy, England, France, somewhere I don’t know I got bored around level 30 and turned the game off. Yeah you visit all these places but they all look exactly the same. There seems to be more effort put into representing bum-fuck nowhere like Boise in the USA than there was put into say Paris, or London as at least Boise is a fucking Cornfield with naff all to do there. If anything it is a slightly above remedial joke at Boise’s expense. To trigger these new countries you need to find the flags in a building window and punch it to change which country you’ll visit. USA is default, but punch it repeatedly and you’ll go elsewhere in the world.

You’ll go to France now

The only other new feature I spotted was radioactive waste will turn you into a super version of you’re monster you’ll turn a diffrent colour, grow wings and smash entire stories of a building in one punch.


Its the same ones:

George: Not King-Kong
Lizzie: Not Godzilla
Ralph: a Werewolf

Were we THAT attached to those 3 that you couldn’t create more?

They all effectively play the same, but some health pickus will only work on some monsters, IE George likes bananas because he is a monkey. Lizzie doesn’t because she is a lizard.

I think Tits Magee serves as a boss, but I gave up about 100 levels before I discovered that.


The game is shite, lets face it. The game is boring to play, the controls are slippy and stiff at the same time, there is no impact small bullets will destroy you, and in 11 years there has been no innovation.

I’m finding it hard not to give this a shower of shit category and i’m honestly struggling. It is just bad, it isn’t broken though. So I guess that is the one redeeming feature.

Pros: Seemingly 100s of levels

Cons: That are all the fucking same


Back in the Day:

It did not score well, PlayStation Pro gave it 4 out of 10

Also Available on: PlayStation, Sega Saturn and Arcade (all 1997) and Gameboy Color in 1998 (99 in PAL)

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  1. Matt says:

    I can’t say I have played this one. Guess I should be thankful for that!

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