Super Sidekicks 3: The Next Glory. SNK (1995) Neo Geo


So the World Cup in Russia marches on and so do the football reviews. But unlike Soccer Brawl and Mega Man Soccer this one is actually pretty decent.


What a difference 3 years makes, going from a game with 8 teams to this with its massive 64 teamsm from 8 regions around the world. It has every country you’d expect so I get to play as France!!

With all these teams we have plenty of options with 6 different tournaments. All being unlicensed means the World Cup is called World Tournament, then you have the Euros, African Cup, Americas Cup, South American Cup and Asian Cup so plenty to have a go at.

The first thing is we now have 3 button controls so less chance of random diving in for tackles. They are easy to use and work well, I did like the lenient refs so when I did lose the ball I could dive in and not get punished. You play only one half so it is a pretty quick game and you have to make your chances count.



They are pretty good, obviously not amazing. I got tackled hard and a couple of red pixels left my players head which was impressive as a nice little touch. Also the cut scenes between goals and fouls for bookings are not as annoying as most of the ones in Fifa 18 with some being on funny side.



I really liked this game and I will go back to lead France to glory (unexpected callback to the game!) and is fun and challenging at the same time. You don’t miss any of the licenses for players name either, it great to see what the programmers change the names to, like Klinger for Klinsman though that hurt when he scored against me. I’ve not even talked about everything in this game as I’m bored of typing this and am going to go back and play. You can get it for under a tenner on the Switch so go and buy it yourself if you don’t fancy the stupidly expensive original.

Ultimetly it is fun, but it is a little lacking.

Pros:  Plenty of teams and tournaments to choose from and will keep you busy.

Cons: Not many to mention but a second half would be nice.



Back in the Day:

Can’t find reviews for the original.

Also Available on: Switch

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One comment on “Super Sidekicks 3: The Next Glory. SNK (1995) Neo Geo
  1. I think I used to play this in arcades and I sucked. I certainly recognise the crappy cutscenes and the “shoot”


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