International Karate +. System 3 (1987) Commodore 64

Known as Chop n’ Drop in the United States, International Karate + is known as one of the better games on the Commodore 64…


Dear god, this is a “good game” on the C64.


International Karate + is a Tournament Fighter of sorts. You don’t pick a character from a wacky pool of reprobates, you’re just a dude in white wanting to earn you belts. This means you fight people of varying difficulties with each level named after the belt colour you’re going for across a wide range of non American centric world locations.

You then you partake in the occasional minigame that it either dodge items or block said item for points.

New York New York it’s a wonderful town…

The rules of the fight (I think) are proper karate rules so if you don’t know them, and I assume you don’t, it will mean you’ll lose your first few fights as you attempt to button mash like the talentless ass clown you I am. International Karate + isn’t a leap in expecting to whomp away somebodies health bar style fighter, here it is cleanly hit the opponent and you get a point, or landing a minor hit grants a half point. Get 2 full points you win the round. Win the set amount of rounds and you move on to the next level/belt (or minigame).

This means the battles are tactical and easily lost (bet you can tell I’m shit at it). You need to block, you need to dodge, you need attack variety, and you need a little bit of patience all of which are things I am lacking in.

Dodge shite for a minigame


Did you read Fight! like you are playing Mortal Kombat? Good, you can stay. If not you can probably stay as we can’t afford to alienate our 3 fans.

So yeah, you land a good move you get a point land a softer blow and you get half a point. This however has two problems:

  1. The fighting is delayed as fuck, it means fighting is laborious and it feels like it should decend into a slapfest as you furiosly mash buttons.
  2. It isn’t clear why you’re only rewarded  with half a point for drop kicking somebodies face in two or punching somebody square in the nads.

It is however at this point the slower combat makes sense, battles are tactical, and as one punch will nob you off you need that tiny ass bit of time to react and Matrix dodge the hell out of there.

Red about to be kicked in the noggin


If you’re expecting an adrenaline fuelled frame perfect fighter you’ll be disappointed. If you’re after a decent Fighter you’ll possibly still be disappointed. But if you have the patience to learn a slow and clunky fighter than you will be rewarded with a surprising level of depth. I imagine playing anyone who has been playing this for the best part of 30 years will be worse than a GoldenEye camper, and trying to play in 2 player will result in you losing friends. But there will be some fun to be had for sad lonely people like me that want to play with themselves and talk about it in public.

But, don’t… Play something else.

Pros: Actually some depth and strategy

Cons: just a bit too clunky to be enjoyable, slow as balls.


Back in the Day:

Some maniacs called Zzap! Gave the game 97%! The others gave it 7/10.

Also available on: Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum, Atari ST, Amiga, Amiga CD32, Game Boy Advance, PlayStation, Virtual Console


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6 comments on “International Karate +. System 3 (1987) Commodore 64
  1. retroredress says:

    Played this on the ST many years ago…it’s damn slow, but I can see the appeal.

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  2. Goric says:

    That thing I believe I played on ZX-Spectrum machine, alongside with Renegade and Barbarian.. etc Quite liked it

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Goric says:

    Or maybe not 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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