Terminator 2 Judgement Day. Domark (1991) Commodore 64

Continuing my foray into the Commodore 64 brings me crashing into the 1991 juggernaut that was Terminator 2. Because you couldn’t move for the adverts and toys and all round marketing campaign a console game was inevitable. As a 7 year old I was utterly terrible and couldn’t beat the 2nd level, so here we go again on this road… -Sorry for the random unrelated Whitesnake lyrics-


T2 follows the movie fairly closely in terms of story, so as a result the levels adapt to the scene they represent. This obviously makes some of the levels a little hit and miss.

They don’t exactly use the best stills for showing the story

Level 1 is a clusterfuck. I don’t know how the clustered the fuckery so much as this is a one-on-one fight T-800 vs T-1000. Problem is, you turn on the console and you’re instantly in a fight. No menu screen, just straight in and blink and you’ll take a blow to the noggin. Secondly, the controls are clunky as fuck with hideous delay. This is 1991, fighting games have existed for a number of years, there is no excuse for it.

Level 1 AND level 5…

Level 2 is an epileptics nightmare, it feels like I am going to have a seizure playing it. This is the storm-drain scene, you’re on the motorbike and trying to outrun the T-1000 in his lorry. This is the standard birds-eye view with you auto scrolling upwards avoiding the obstacles and trying to hit the jump ramps. The level lasts too long, and again, it feels like I’m going to have a seizure attempting this level.

Level 3 is a minigame where you move the wires to complete the puzzle that fixes the T-800s busted hand.

Level 4 is a beat ’em up but done badly, imagine stage 1 as Sarah Connor and with more enemies… It is still clunky and it is still terrible. Oddly, this level is 10 minutes long which is roughly a third of the game.

Level 4 clusterfuckery

Level 5 is the same as Level 1, it was shit first time round.

Level 6 is the same as level 3, I am starting to notice a pattern in the levels. This time it is a picture puzzle shuffler thing, you move the tiles to make a picture of the T-800s face which “repairs” the damage.

If you have stuck it out this long Level 7 is probably the best level. It isn’t good, but is probably the best of a bad bunch. This is another side-scrolling level, but this time you’re the T-800 with a gun raiding Cyberdyne systems. You clearly ignore John Connor’s one rule as you murder a fucktonne of people. This level is also about 10 minutes long.

Level 8 is another top down escape mission, thankfully the colour palatte on offer is less seizure-ey than on Level 2, here you’re driving the swat van away from the T-1000 in his helicopter.

Bored of this now.

The final level (Level 9) is… *Drum Roll* another one-on-one fight versus the T-1000. This time you’re fighting the liquid metal version of T-1000 and you’re without your skin. It looks pretty cool and serves well as a last level, shame the fighting is still terrible.


What else is there to say? The controls are terrible, it is boring and the levels are hideously imbalanced in their length.

It is pretty unplayable.

Pros: It is Terminator 2, not made by LJN.

Cons: It really isn’t worth playing


Back in the Day:

I can’t find many reviews for this, but the one I did praised the cutscene images, but said that the game was disappointing.


Header image stolen from http://www.richardlagendijk.nl/cip/computer/item/c64c_terminator_2/en

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3 comments on “Terminator 2 Judgement Day. Domark (1991) Commodore 64
  1. Goric says:

    I played T2:Judgement Day on arcade cabin, it was boombastic! It was Segas essentially game, I believe, placed onto the cabin. And I loved the tune.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Goric says:

    This game looks like fun on steroids


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