Musya: The Classic Tale of Japanese Horror. Jorudan (1992) Super Nintendo

I sent Matt on a buying spree for me when he was in Boston, MA. I gave him a budget and a remit to buy things you don’t see for sale in the UK and that is how I got Musya. He asked me if I really wanted it as it was on the expensive side, so it is my fault not his, and I am merely spinning a yarn to fill word count.

The point is, I knew nothing about the game and since almost everything I had told Matt to buy wasn’t available I foolishly agreed, but maybe, just maybe, I should have researched Musya first.

Oh, and Musya is also known as Musya: Imoto’s Saga.

The Game

Fucking hell this is bad. But where to start!!!


I muted the game after 2 minutes because each level has what feels like a 10 second loop of awful AWFUL music. Special mention must go to level 2 Catacombs music which sounds like an oriental hodgepodge of “Mary had a little lamb” and “Frère Jacque”. Seriously it makes my ears sad. [Link]

The Controls

The controls get a special mention for being purposefully badly designed. This is a SNES pad, so 6 buttons and you use them all for jumping, attacking, special, magic, and crawl left or right. But jump, the most important button in a platformer is weird as fuck. There are literally no jumps you can make using the jump button alone. To jump far enough to evade an enemy or make it to a platform you have to press up and jump. This gives you a moon physics leap where you’re pretty much flying. This moon jump has the negative effect of taking away the precision on the controls. WHY NOT JUST HAVE 1 JUMP!!! Not 2 that are both terrible!!! It makes zero sense, and means you have to use the terrible moon jump even when jumping what seems like 3 foot. Otherwise you fall down a pit and have to restart the level. Not dying, but sent back to the start to make you redo the awfulness.

You can’t jump this small gap without the god float jump…

Fuck sake.

Right, what’s next. The combat.

So the game is in Japanese with English translations, not too bad. I am not one to complain about people’s spelling or grammar so I won’t. But the problem is, not everything is translated. The items you pick up still have their Japanese character so therefore I have no fucking clue what is going on. So the “story” is translated i to English but none of the in-game items have been. Weird.

Uhhm, that is a fleshlight…

Press Attack and you’ll attack. It isn’t delayed or stilted but it feels weak. You’re a pikeman so your weapon should have a bit of range and be fairly powerful, but all the enemies close in before you can hit them a second time and since most enemies require more than 1 hit you will almost always take damage unless you use the limited use magic. To can get around this issue you need to rapid fire attack or use a turbo button pad and maybe you’ll cheese the invincibility frames.

You also get a downward thrust attack, but again. The enemies tend to take more than one hit, so you’ll hit the enemy and then take damage for landing on them. It makes next to zero fucking sense as you don’t even get a nifty Zelda 2/DuckTales style pogo attack.

One other annoying feature is that enemies have insta-respawn. So stand still for 0.1 of a second and the enemy you lost half your life to will have respawned ready to take the rest of your life away.

I totally know what those symbols say!


Fucked if I know. I gave up.


The bosses are fun enough, but they have 1 attack, 2 tops. Which means you can see the attack pattern very quickly and then attack appropriately.

This is one of the few times where I wish the boss had Mario or Sonic mechanics, ie hit them 3-8 times and you win. Instead, you have to hit them 50+ times in fights that drag on for minutes. This would make sense if the boss was a frantic fight to the death, but these really are the easiest bits and fighting a tedious bullet stab sponge gets really boring as unless you’re a total gomer you’ll avoid all enemy fire on a boss.

What was with 16bit era and disembodied floating heads for final bosses?


So yeah, I totally wasted $70 on this piece of shit. The sound is terrible, it looks like shit, and worst of all, it controls terribly.

If you are in PAL regions then you’ll be safe, we didn’t get a release. If you’re American, you’re safe. It costs $70 so you can add it to the “it was shit and sold shit all so I don’t need to buy it” catagory. Even those “complete collection” types should grow a brain and not bother with this atrocity.

It is really really awful. Don’t even watch a YouTube video about the game. Hell, I’m annoyed 7 of you bothered reading this.

Pros: it isn’t Sonic Adventure (plus 1%)

Cons: looks shit, controls shit, musics shit, bosses are shit, is shit


Back in the Day:

Legit can’t find any official reviews for Musya.

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9 comments on “Musya: The Classic Tale of Japanese Horror. Jorudan (1992) Super Nintendo
  1. Oh man, that sounds agonizing. When I read “Japanese horror” I admittedly got excited, but holy shit. Nope. No.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mill says:

    Am I correct in assuming you didn’t like it?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Didier Jean says:

    It is amazing how some games in the 90s got bad music. Just by reading the article, I can understand how bad you felt while playing the game. I suppose not every developer back then had the necessary assets to create a good product.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ouch, sorry you wasted $70 on a shitty game 😦 It sounded like it could’ve been cool!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. goric says:

    Have you heard of Clock Tower for snes? It’s horror too..


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