Fallout series rated, the Top 5 mainline Fallout games


Since I’ve polished off the main Fallout series I felt it was worth bashing together  another of our “famous” lists. This is only the main games, so doesn’t include Fallout: Tactics or Fallout Shelter. If you want to read our full views on each game a link is provided under each entry.

So without much else to say, let’s get this started!

5) Fallout

Kicking off the list is the original Fallout. Nostalgia can’t save this game from what is ultimately some bad game design and game breaking bugs. Seriously, NPC characters can block you in a narrow path and break your game! Save files corrupt and an unfair RNGesus is a damn chore.

Added in a pretty unforgiving levelling system that makes most playstyles next to impossible.


4) Fallout 3

God I hated the tunnels, and the ending sucked donkey dick. Added in the fact that if you nuked Megaton all that happened was your dad had an extra line of dialogue to say he was disappointed in you. That said, Fallout 3 wasn’t bad. It was just “generic gun grey with too much bloom” that many games suffered from in the ps3/360 generation.

Bonuses include Rivet City which was cool as fuck to look at and becoming a slaver to those little bitch kids.


3) Fallout 4

No Karma, a simplified dialogue tree, some unbearable load times, but the most moreish in the series. It is almost impossible to not get lost in the game world, and 8 hours passed in what you thought was 30 minutes. Many people may struggle to even care about your son meaning the reason for the story falls a little flat and lacks any emotional punch when you do make your decisions.

The settlement feature is gaming Marmite, you either love it or hate it. And if you love it you’re wrong. I am right.

You do get to collect a tonne of different companions and each will react to your actions differently which again is either a good or bad thing depending on how invested you get with a character alignment.


2) Fallout 2

This is the game which made me understand why Fallout was a series people cared about it isn’t just good it is fantastic. The amount of depth on offer is unparalleled in the series, and the fact you can get killed for doinking the Mafia Dons wife (and daughter) gives you reasons to keep replaying to try new things.

However, the ending of the game can be a bastard to be to beat if you don’t know the exact combination of moves to avoid an all out conflict as if you’re not a hacking god or charisma god, then you have a completely impossible fight on your hands.

Fallout 2 might be the only video game with Sharpe references in it, and that is reason enough to love it.


1) Fallout: New Vegas

Bet you’re surprised this is top pick? Probably not, as there are only 5 games and you’ve seen the other 4 already.

New Vegas made the sensible choice of returning to the New California Republic. The story continues the threads weaved by Fallout 1 and 2 with some great touches like having Cassidy’s daughter as a companion that will have long term fans jizzing their pants. But it is all done in a way that as a newbie you don’t feel like it is an inside joke you’re not part of. There isn’t a nod nod wink wink it is Cassidy. You either know her name or you don’t.

On top of a dialogue tree and karma system that puts 4 to shame, there is immense replayability that is not matched by any of the other games from the shear amount of endings or decisions that affect your world.

That said load times are horrendous…