Top 10 Mainline Resident Evil Games

We love the Resident Evil series, and with Resident Evil 7 it brings us a massive 11 mainline games if you don’t include the REmakes, so what better way to kick off our first Top 10 of a particular games series?

This list will be the best MAINLINE games, that means no Survivor, and no WII/Portable efforts and no REmakes. So only OG Resident Evil and original version of Code: Veronica.

Also, as Resident Evill VII is not yet 2 years old we will not be including it in this list.

Make sense?


10. Resident Evil 6

Easily the worse game we are including; generic and by the numbers, poor gameplay, terrible story, and soulless. I honestly don’t think this could have had more plot holes if they tried.


9. Resident Evil 5

Basically, Resident Evil 5 was a copy and paste job of 4 with a reskin. It skirted a dangerous line with potential racism, and Sheva’s AI was thicker than a bowl of oatmeal. The series didn’t just jump the shark, it crashed a plane into a volcano and had boulder punching…


8. Resident Evil

OG Resident Evil has it’s charms, but it looks fugly, the dialogue is atrocious, and has not agedd well. While you can still have fun playing the game, there are much better Resident Evil games out there. Don’t get me wrong I do still love the game, and the difficulty is perfect for me (tough as old boots) but as a novice playing this you’ll be annoyed by some moments of retrospectively poor game design.


7. Resident Evil: Revelations 2

A venerable mixed bag, it tries to combine the idiocy of Resident Evil 6 and the Survival Horror of Revelations. It does not succeed, but isn’t bad.

The story falls up it’s own arse, but when doesn’t that happen in a Resi game?

You do finally get to play as Barry though, which is apparently important to some people.


6. Resident Evil: Code Veronica

For this to be so low in our list shows how much we get giddy over the games above it. This is where the series starts to go more actioney and less Survival Horror, but 3d gameplay and a semi-fixed camera angle were a massive step up from the PS1 era games. A few frusrations occur when the story swaps between characters, which means playing for the first time will lead to much frustration and can lead to you only having a knife for final boss fight.

The Alfred and Alexa story is easily the best written part of the series, and there are moments where you actually care about characters. Even Steve, the skeevy little bitchnozzle.


5. Resident Evil Zero

Zero is an odd one, this is where the games start to retcon itself, and the storylines become conveluted. I mean seriously, is there a plausible way for this game to finish and OG to start? Rebecca could and should have cleared the mansion before Chris and Jill arrive, and said “Chris, Wesker is the bad guy, let’s get out of here i’ll tell you more at the station.

The character swapping added a new element to puzzles, but the lack of item box could get annoying as you could easily leave a tonne of ammo/weapons in an area and bork your game.

Still has some of the best water effects in a game.


4. Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 reignited a series that was struggling to find it’s feet after many misteps on the spinoff front. 4 managed to retain the Survival Horror aspects for the most part, and added in great action set-pieces. But the last 3rd of the game is a quick time heavy clusterfuck that goes slightly off the boil.

The story does get a little stupid, and it speaks volumes for the series that a midget Napoleon isn’t one of the worst aspects of the series.

Ashley might be a chore, but 4 was what the series needed.


3. Resident Evil: Revelations

Bet you’re surprised we rated this one so highly? To be honest we were just as surprised at how Capcom knocked this one out of the park. This was a sort of spin-off that rips off Dead Aim, and is set between RE4 and RE5. Yet the story makes the most sense of the modern ones, the characters are not cartoonish, and the gameplay cleverly treds the Action/Survival Horror tightrope perfectly.

Added in the Raid mode which adds a purpose to the standard “Mercenary Mode”, and much replayability.


2. Resident Evil 2

Infinitely replayable, 4 different scenarios that present the story from slightly differing perspectives, and a well balanced difficulty. While being Sherry is annoying especially when she climbs boxes, there isn’t an ounce of fat on the game. Every room is memorable, and exploration is encouraged. Basically, you get the same sense of wonder and exploration as you do in a good Zelda game.

With lots of unlockables and a certain Soy based character unlocked for skill means there is always another challenge meaning the game never gets dull.

The introduction of a stalking Tyrant in the second Scenario is a precursor to the best game in the seires!


1. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

Alright, you might have guessed this is our number one by process of elimination, but it was blumming close. Having the titular Nemesis pursue you throughout the game is genuinely terrifying.

The live choices offer many differences too, and being brave/good and taking on the Nemesis will reward you hansomely. Getting to be Jill and kicking arse is pretty fucking cool too!

Nemesis also introduced the Mercenary Mode, and while it was a little primitive it added new reasons to play once you’re done with the main game.

Except maybe that impractical boob-tube top, or the fact it still confuses us when Brad dies and we confuse him for Barry everything is perfect.



3 thoughts on “Top 10 Mainline Resident Evil Games

  1. You pulled out the real STARS of the show at the top end there. I was expecting 2 to be top to be fair. Much as it’s a less popular game in the series, Code Veronica is probably my favourite for the throwbacks and the grander scale of the plot.

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