Resident Evil: Revelations 2. Capcom (2015) XBox 360

Originally released as individual episodes over the course of a few months, sensible people will have just bought the box set disc and saved themselves effort and money.

I was surprised how much I enjoyed Revelations 1 as it felt like a proper Resident Evil. It also had a story that was relatively well written for a Crapcom game.

So will Capcom knock Revelations 2 out the park, or will it be an incoherent bag of wank like Resident Evil 6?


Coop rears it’s ugly head once more, one character gets guns, one doesn’t. It means one character plays like a Survival Horror game, the other a slightly clunky action game. It gives each character a different playstyle, but I can imagine online play would have issues people refusing to be none gun user, and the AI has Sheva syndrome (Thick as a bowl of oatmeal).

For plot reasons Moira won’t use guns, her reasons make sense superficially but this is kinda ruined by the fact she’ll happily beat people to death with a crowbar. But seriously, who the fuck will beat something to death with a crowbar but not use a gun!

That’s not Claire, I don’t care…

One of my problems is that Revelations 2 seems to feel ludicrously hard at times. It can be a bit Dark Souls-ey in that you need to master dodge, but the game controls don’t support the skill and finesse of Dark Souls, here it is clunky and requires character upgrades to properly work. It means that game is trying to straddle finesse of Action and clunky Survival Horror and it fails a little too often on first playthroughs.

An example of overpowered enemies are the Pyramid Head dudes, you need around 10 upclose shotgun blasts with Claire, and you have to do 4-5 follow up moves with Moira for them to die. Considering they appear after 10 minutes, you don’t have the ammo to deal with them, and they need to be killed, sucks balls. You also can’t avoid them at points and have to fight them. So again, Revelations 2 is unsuccessfully trying to straddle Action and Survival Horror.

Natalia sees fart clouds…

The invisible instadeath bug bastards are particularly annoying, but they become game ruiningly unfair during the escape sequences with Claire and Moira. They are an enemy that requires time and patience, and the only way to really deal with them on this section is to hope you manage to luck run through them. As lord knows the drop rates for smoke bombs is none existant. I have 16 smoke powders and 0 bottles… The worst thing about this is I did it first time, but died on the “reset 30 seconds bit” because I assumed something would trigger. I then died 8 times retrying.


One of the reasons I liked Revelations is it stripped a lot of the wider Resident Evil lore and simply focussed on the story for the game. Rather than follow the example set in the first game Revelations 2 dives headfirst into crap(com) and as a result it doesn’t take long for the story to become conveluted.

There are a number of plot points to whinge about, and it is difficult to do without spoilers, so uhm, Spoilers.


Each chapter is split in half, one being Moira and Claire, the other being Barry and Natalia 6 months later. Now this time differences causes some serious plot issues.

As we discover at the end, Claire is helping Barry. Why is it not her and Barry back on the island? Yeah, I get the concept of a cliffhanger, but it makes no sense to send Barry on his own forcing him to team up with magic psychic child.

When Natalia tells Barry she saw Moira and Claire die. Well Barry knows Claire ain’t dead, and Natalia didn’t see them even come close to dying. It is a pointless cliffhanger.

I just find it obtuse in difficulty

Moira might have very good plot armour, but there is no way she survives, and Claire would have told Barry she dead. Or Claire spends 6 months drifting in the ocean. Either way, stupid story writing.


There are a number of other plotholes, but those ones are significant as it makes the whole Barry acts redundant.

Alright, this was fucking cool

Sorry for another spoiler, but Alex Wesker? Come on, a 5 year old is better at writing than than. It is wallowing in fan service and totally unnecessary, and further retcons Wesker’s background into nonsensical cartoon character.

joyous instadeath

This isn’t really story, but why has Claire had a face transplant, she looks nothing like her Resident Evil 2 or Code: Veronica. And before ypu start, Chris other than an occasional love of steroids resembles the same person after graphical step ups, so why change the character design?

Oh, and why are the Zombies now “The Afflicted”. Revelations is 10 games deep in the main series , you can settle on an enemy type/name…

Raid Mode

Raid Mode uses some maps from Resident Evil 6, this is a strange choice as it is admitting the level design of Revelations 2 doesn’t really fit the Raid Mode. But rather than create a new mode they’ve cobbled one together. Don’t get me wrong, I like Raid Mode for being Mercenaries with purpose. But the fact it needed to borrow other games maps shows the mode is being shoehorned in.

The Raid Mode seems a little too easy now though and I can perfect the first 20 missions first time (I gave up at this point). Whereas I didn’t manage a perfect any missions in Revelations.

Claire Sandwich… Master of Lockpicking… I get it, Barry had a few lines in the first game. Build a character, stop wallowing in fan service for the sake of it. However… “I have this” was bad ass at a least fit the situation.


The primary issue with Revelations 2 is it tries too hard to be clever and falls into the trap Resident Evil 6 fell in to. There are some very good ideas in here, like the partner swapping, co-op puzzles, and the mishmash of playstyles. But these clash awkwardly with a game that is trying to be Action and Survival Horror.

I spent most of the game playing as the torch bearer, not because they were the best to play as, but because under AI control they are a trustworthy as PewDiePie at an NCAAP meeting.

That all said, Revelations 2 is a fun enough experience. Though flawed.

Pros: Disfigured dolls and mannequins are VERY Silent Hill 2.

Cons: Invisible instadeath enemies are as fun as they sound. Natalie can’t die, if she does she “fainted”. Crapcom thinking they can do episodic…


“Back in the Day”:

Alright so back in the day was 2 years ago, but Revelations 2 scored 76-79% across the board.


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4 comments on “Resident Evil: Revelations 2. Capcom (2015) XBox 360
  1. Mill says:

    Well, this isn’t quite the ‘revelation’ i hoped for.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kariyanine says:

    I enjoyed it well enough and thought they did the episodic thing pretty well, at least from a logistical standpoint as each episode released on time unlike some other episodic games.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I did like the format, but always prefer to play in my own time and not have to wait weeks/months for a new episode. As individual episodes they gel quite well, but when you play them together they feel a bit all over the place.


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