Genres I just don’t “get”!

Sorry for the clickbait-ey title but I couldn’t think of anything witty for a title. Is there a genre out there that you just can’t get into?

For me it is simulations, and specifically or less specifically, sports simulators. I just don’t get it. Now to be clear, this includes; football/soccer, American Football, Ice Hockey, AND racing games. To narrow it down further these are games that focus on realism, and not a simple fun mechanic like Sensible Soccer or Micro Machines.

Obviously I have played a tonne of games in my life that are a Sports Simulator, for instance most of 94-98 was me spent playing NHL games getting hard over the Detroit Redwings. FIFA was always a mainstay in my yoof, though I haven’t bought one since FIFA08.

But my ultimate for not giving a shit about an annual release is Racing Games. Like sports simulators very little has changed in 20 years other than graphics. Gran Turismo 2 did it all in 1999. Yeah, back when Will Smith was rapping about the Willenium. Since then, it has been better graphics, tiny ass incremental upgrades to handling that only a nerd¬†gearhead would notice. That’s it. Ok if you stuck in Gran Turismo 1 or 2 in now it would look like ass, and handle like ass. But with such minor changes between games you don’t notice until you skip a few.

To go back to Football games, I really don’t want to see Wayne Rooney’s face in hyper realistic ugo-vision, after that the only real changes between FIFAs tended to be a gameplay gimmick. And with a racing game, there is only so many contours you need to model into a 3d car for me to accept it as being a car. Turning left for 30 minutes is still turning left for 30 minutes. And if 14 year old me didn’t have the patience to do a 24 hour Le Man race do you really think 32 year old me has the time, or even the ability to pull an all nighter?

The last racing game I bought was Forza 2, and I bought it on release. I played it for a grand total of an hour before saying I’ve done this already. I can’t be fucked.

There are other genres like the generic action FPS that encompasses pretty much every Triple A game released in October, so I guess that it the other genre I don’t care for.

As a slight counter, I also don’t get fighting games like Tekken or Street Fighter anymore, but that is 99.9% because I am terrible at them. However, I can see the appeal in them.

But what are yours? What genre makes you eyeroll so hard you give yourself a migraine. The genre that you see no merits in, and simply don’t understand why people bother?

Metaphorical representation of what I think of Sports Simulators

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10 comments on “Genres I just don’t “get”!
  1. I avoid most sports games myself (although I do like to get a new racing game every couple of years) but I did play NHL and FIFA 04 along with Gran Turismo 4 at a friend’s house last night. They still play fairly well bar the occasionally shoddy frame rate. I suppose a good thing from back then is they don’t have all the extra fluff of 20 different modes and character progression alongside the regular ads for virtual currency and DLC. It was a simpler time…

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  2. Brandon says:

    I never got into simulation games either, they are very popular just not for me. When I was a kid I played a lot of fighting games, now a days I get bored to quickly with them. I still find sports games fun, it’s not my go to genre but I find enjoyment picking up and playing a quick game. Cool Blog, I enjoyed the Top 10 Resident Evil Games.

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