Genres I just don’t “get”!


Sorry for the clickbait-ey title but I couldn’t think of anything witty for a title. Is there a genre out there that you just can’t get into?

For me it is simulations, and specifically or less specifically, sports simulators. I just don’t get it. Now to be clear, this includes; football/soccer, American Football, Ice Hockey, AND racing games. To narrow it down further these are games that focus on realism, and not a simple fun mechanic like Sensible Soccer or Micro Machines.

Obviously I have played a tonne of games in my life that are a Sports Simulator, for instance most of 94-98 was me spent playing NHL games getting hard over the Detroit Redwings. FIFA was always a mainstay in my yoof, though I haven’t bought one since FIFA08.

But my ultimate for not giving a shit about an annual release is Racing Games. Like sports simulators very little has changed in 20 years other than graphics. Gran Turismo 2 did it all in 1999. Yeah, back when Will Smith was rapping about the Willenium. Since then, it has been better graphics, tiny ass incremental upgrades to handling that only a nerd¬†gearhead would notice. That’s it. Ok if you stuck in Gran Turismo 1 or 2 in now it would look like ass, and handle like ass. But with such minor changes between games you don’t notice until you skip a few.

To go back to Football games, I really don’t want to see Wayne Rooney’s face in hyper realistic ugo-vision, after that the only real changes between FIFAs tended to be a gameplay gimmick. And with a racing game, there is only so many contours you need to model into a 3d car for me to accept it as being a car. Turning left for 30 minutes is still turning left for 30 minutes. And if 14 year old me didn’t have the patience to do a 24 hour Le Man race do you really think 32 year old me has the time, or even the ability to pull an all nighter?

The last racing game I bought was Forza 2, and I bought it on release. I played it for a grand total of an hour before saying I’ve done this already. I can’t be fucked.

There are other genres like the generic action FPS that encompasses pretty much every Triple A game released in October, so I guess that it the other genre I don’t care for.

As a slight counter, I also don’t get fighting games like Tekken or Street Fighter anymore, but that is 99.9% because I am terrible at them. However, I can see the appeal in them.

But what are yours? What genre makes you eyeroll so hard you give yourself a migraine. The genre that you see no merits in, and simply don’t understand why people bother?

Metaphorical representation of what I think of Sports Simulators