Tekken 2. Namco (1996) PlayStation

I enjoy a bit of Tekken, it holds up well enough and felt fairly fluid for a game released in 1995. But what about the first sequel?


Being a sequel to Tekken, and being a game in the Tekken series I reckon you can guess this one. A one-on-one brawler where your aim is to whomp the other persons health bar away. You whomp people as you climb the tournament ladder before facing off against the devil…

Sorry for the spoiler for a 20+ year old game…


Tekken 2 follows the “button is a limb” for the controls method. It means that there is the potential for lots of free flowing combos, and certainly a lot of move options. The problem is, to me, Tekken 2 feels a lot slower and clunker than Tekken 1. Combat can feel a little ponderous, and god help you if you’re Paul or Jack-2 as it will feel like you’re fighting a PowerPoint presentation waiting for those two to do moves.

I hate King…


2 years after the last King of the Iron Fist Tournament, Kazuya decides to hold a second one with a cash prize of one TRILLION dollars. For reasons, a number of characters come back for a second whack, and some new characters are introduced. I honestly like the simplicity of Tekken’s main story, as ultimately mostly everyone is motivated by a shit tonne of money. However if you drill down into the characters and their stories, then there is some more depth and story going on. Thankfully none of this is Mortal Kombat style pants-on-head-retarded convoluted nonsense at this point in Tekken so it is easy to follow.

Not a screen I often see as either Anna or Nina


One of the reasons I like the Tekken series so much is that it is really easy to pick up and play, you don’t need a guide or the internet to figure out moves, just pause the game and go to Command List and you can learn everything. It means you can choose a new character, and just start experimenting.

The games difficulty settings are fair too, play on Hard, and you’ll be whomped until you’re good, which is fair. But play on easy, and you can learn the character(s) and still complete the game, and unlock everything.

You can 100% it on easy, or hard. It is up to you. It will mean you’ll do it on easy for a while, but this way you’re encouraged to up the difficulty to increase your challenge.

Of course should you ever play a friend who is good they’ll whomp you. But at least with Tekken 2 there are no cheat characters like that fucking Doctor Prick in Tekken 3, or Eddy, or Hworang to spam shit on you meaning multiplayer should remain fun, unless you’re playing a Japanese teenager.

You can kick a Kangaroo in the FACE! Take that PETA.


Tekken 2 does a good job of mixing up the roster, this time round there are 10 regular characters, with a further 15 unlockables, 17 of these 25 are returning characters. Though I personally count Jack-2 as the same as Jack…

It does mean there is a LOT of depth in Tekken 2, and you’re guarenteed to find a character that suites your play style. Some are more useful than others though, but this will mostly depend on you are your abilities. For example, I can’t do shit with Anna.

Much Character, many play, such fight


Basically the same as Tekken 1 so “copy/paste”

Tekken has a surprising amount of strategy and depth to it, but it isn’t as immediately fun as say Clayfighter 63 1/3, but at the same time you don’t tire of it as quickly as Saturday Night Slam Masters, and it is much more balanced than Mortal Kombat. You can’t step in and out of the 3D plane, so while combat is in a 3d arena, you are tied to a 2D plane.

Tekken is much better than most other fighters from the same era.

Pros: Loads of characters, tonnes of moves, easy to learn

Cons: Fighting is still a little clunky


Back in the Day:

Scoring well at release Tekken 2 scored in the 90s almost across the board, and holds a 89% on Metacritic.

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  1. Great review. Glad some one else feels the same way about jack-2 and Paul. I still hate Eddy, will hate him forever.

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