Pete Sampras Tennis. Codemasters (1994) Sega Genesis

What better why to celebrate the time of the year where all English people pretend to give a fuck about Tennis and foray into a Genesis classic. So don your straw boater and ready the Pimms for we are about to get crazy with SPORTS!


Well this is a Tennis game so either 2 or 4 people go racket to racket and hit small balls at each other.

You can play as Pete himself and be an absolute unbeatable powerhouse, or you can play as one of over a dozen randomers with made up names who bare no relation to tennis stars of the time.

The game cartridge had one of those nifty 4 player modes by having an extra two control slots using a J-Cart, which was amazing in 1994 but as I didn’t have 4 friends in 1994, and I don’t have 4 friends now, I have never tried it.

Obviously the best Grand Slam…

After this there isn’t much to say, there are career modes which will take an age to win, challenge modes that were decent for the era, and as much fun as you can have on an antiquated tennis game.

The career will take you through a few seasons of a tennis pro, with warm up tournaments, and qualifiers for the main Grand Slams. As no rights were purchased for the Tournaments Wimbledon is London, Roland Garros is Paris, and so on.

While effort has gone into creating different surface types which affect the bounce and speed of the ball there is no rubber. So for those of you that are only good on Rubber you might be upset.

Clay, I think this means the ball is slower and French…

As for matches themselves, you’ll probably get butt fucked the first few games you play as there does appear to be a decent shot selection. You can lob, backhand, and smash, as well as pick where you roughly want the ball to go. The problem is, once you learn shot selection you are unbeatable. Basically, play short shots to get them to the net, then lob. You are then guaranteed to win every frame to love. It only took me 5 games to realise this, so while I guess Pete Sampras Tennis would be more fun in multiplayer, there is no reason to play the thick as mince AI.

That’s it.

No really, I have nothing else to say.


Pros: Pete Sampras, some depth in shot selection

Cons: No Andrei Agassi, AI thick as old boots, career mode drags like a motherfucker, no rubber courts

I guess I should score the game…



(40%, I can’t really score it any higher, and lower would be unfair)

Back in the Day:

While I can’t find any reviews for Pete Sampras Tennis the box proudly states that it got 94% scores from relatively good quality games magazines of the day.

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6 comments on “Pete Sampras Tennis. Codemasters (1994) Sega Genesis
  1. Chris Scott says:

    It is so weird to me that I don’t remember this. I loved Sports games of this era and played most of them on the Genesis. For that matter, I can’t really remember any tennis experiences on the Genesis. That said, I won’t be adding this to my to play list of retro games.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. G says:

    I loved and still love this game. Not really sure why! Good review.

    Liked by 1 person

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