Resident Evil 6. Capcom (2012) Xbox 360

I LOVE the Resident Evil series probably even more than the Final Fantasy series and when Resident Evil 5 came out I was so hyped it was ridiculous. I played that game and the best way to describe it would be to compare it with the Phantom Menace. Looking back it was very glitzy, but lacked any substance, and has way too much boulder punching to be taken seriously.

It didn’t just jump the shark, it jumped the shark in a volcano.


The story jumps all over the place as the four storylines all follow their own path. They will intersect with each other at various points which in theory means that once you play all 4 stories the plotholes will start to make sense. However, what you get is an incoherent mess.

Very little makes sense; “insert generic badguy”, Chris being retconned, random people appearing and dying.  It never really makes sense with what is going on, and they take all the worst story elements and tropes of the series and ramp up the full retard.

This isn’t even in the top 50 stupidest moments in the game

You get random civilians who join you, and die next room, you get stories where you are supposed to care about  characters but because they are literally dropped in and killed instantly you have no reason to care about them (Finn and Deborah). It removes all gravity from the situation as if you want me to care about a character you need to build the relationship, in Resident Evil 6 they say “you’re supposed to care about this bit...” and you have no other reason to care.

I’ll cover all these individual points in the after score bonus section which includes all my notes.


Resident Evil 6 is a generic action game, there is no other way to describe it. Each campaign focusses on slightly different gameplay elements, and like the story, it means the gameplay is all over the place.

Leon and Helena’s campaign is a zombie game for the first half, it attempts to build tension like a good Survial Horror like Silent Hill 2 but it often feels forced. Making the player move slowly doesn’t build tension, it just annoys you. Leon’s campaign is generally considered the best of the four scenarios, and I guess this is as close to Resident Evil 4 style “survival horror” as we are going to get. On it’s own I would give this scenario about a 60%

The unique to the character takedown moves are pretty cool

Chris and Piers campaign is basically Gears of War, it is a generic by the numbers cover-based shooter. Only the cover mechanic at best is slightly awkward to use but more often totally broken. It is often more reliable to just stand in the open and shoot rather than try and use the cover. The story makes the least sense, and is by far the least interesting campaign, as and you jump all over the place in a story to a variety of pointless locations. As this feels like a poor Gears of War rip off, and GoW isn’t a good game, this Scenario is a 35%

Sherry and Jake’s campaign is a decent enough balance between the other two campaigns, except it throws in some tedious stealth sections. These sections aren’t the worst parts of the game, but they certainly are the most uninspired. Having instadeath stealth sections is as boring as it sounds, and feels so pointlessly forced that it demonstrates the game was made by a videogame checkbox. While not bad, the story  is jumping in time constantly by having you captured and held in “plot prison” not once, but twice, just so “you have no guns” and are forced into more stealth sections . This puts this scenario around the 50% mark.

Knives are so overpowered that even I can beat the final boss with Chris and a knife.

Super Secret Campaign that only unlocks once you beat the other 3. This is my favourite campaign, and it certainly feels the strongest of the 4. However, again the story is also all over the place too with some fairly annoying bullshit as the Devs desperatly try to clean up the plot mess. This campaign IS as close to Resident Evil 4 as we get and there is a nice balance of combat and the set-pieces are more interesting. However, every single chapter is ruined around the halfway point as they decend into a tedious QTE event or bullshit instadeath from invisible timers. 65%

General Whinges

I don’t really understand the Resident Evil series at this point, there are so many characters introduced and discarded that I honestly don’t care about any of them anymore. I spent more time wondering where Claire is than caring about Finn as an example.

It is strange as Claire is mentioned, and it would have been a good nod to Code: Veronica to have Claire turn up.

Also, why not add Jill. I would even accept a Billy Cohen type from Resident Evil Zero or Sheva again. I can’t imagine anybody was asking for Sherry, and Helena and Piers are there purely for people in their stories to die.

Jake does get some decent character development. But his character is little shoehorned in in terms of who he is related to. His backstory also doesn’t actually make sense either based on his birthdate, so he couldn’t possibly have any anti-bodies in his system from his dad that would immunise him against the C-Virus.

Ugggh, you’ll be bored of this guy before too long. Also, gameplay image captures do not do the game justice.

The skill tree/Perks thing is pretty crap too. I actually ended up turning the skills off as I wasn’t getting enough skill points to actually level anything up, and didn’t need them.

Chapters are way too fucking long. A “good” time is about an hour to clear a single chapter, but on a first play this’ll be 90 mins to two hours. With 20 chspters it means the game drags to shit. One thing they could have done to improve this would be a Resi4 style sub-chapters. This isn’t game breaking, but again, it means the game drags on.

Cutscenes look decent enough


I’m going to wrap this up, as the bonus section is particularly long. But Resident Evil 6 is NOT  a good game. It isn’t truly bad either though. It is soulless, it is generic, it is by the numbers, and as it is there is no reason to ever play it.

Pros: Lots to do

Cons:  Too much to do. Story is terrible, so many parts of the game are bad it is difficulty to focus on a specific plothole. The fact that I ain’t ragging on underwater sections hows how poor other bits are.


Back in the day:

Resident Evil 6 did not score well at release, and mostly got 6 out of 10 up to 8 out of 10. The scope and scale of the game was particually praised, but the Chris’ campaign being a “second rate third person shooter” was a common comment.

Super Secret Bonus Section!


  • Game starts in middle, you’re rescuing Ada. I don’t know if this is a surprise to people, or a spoiler, but this lady looks like Ada.
  • Annoying forced tutorial, reminds me why I like Dark Souls as that only teaches you bare minimum and forces you into a boss fight in a sink or swim moment, this is doggy paddle in the kids pool.
  • Turns out it isn’t Ada, it is a lady called Helena.
  • Already bored of context specific button pressing and I’m still in tutorial.
  • Why have they complicated the health system with this stupid tablet thing? The herb system was simple and effective.
  • Fucking Quick Time Events… Resi 4 was great but last third of that game descended into a dull QTE-Athon, this picks up that batton and runs with it.
  • The tutorial is teaching me nothing…
  • QTEs…
  • Impossible to get lost as both a location marker, and a “Press LB to show way to go”…
  • “Back for more” isn’t really a cliffhanger, going to be some shit monster you fight 15 times.

Game proper

3 campaigns, will start with Leon as he is first in list.

Leon and Helena campaign

  • Starting on Veteran difficulty, because I ain’t no punk bitch.
  • Can choose to be Leon or Helena, don’t know who she is, so let’s be her. Loads of online options, my 360 isn’t connected to net, so all redundant.
  • Story starts with Leon killing the president, I assume I missed something in opening cinematic.
  • Initial thoughts are this game is a 4 out of 10.
  • Why are most of the buttons disabled??? Let me run…
  • OH DEAR GOD LET ME RUN! Why are they forcing slow on me!
  • Bloke you’re escorting is clearly infected, and daughter will be a zombie. This is Resident Evil, I can probably predict the plot points…
  • I can run now, oh wait I can’t, oh I can, oh I can’t. FUCK OFF.
  • To give the game credit, it is trying to build tension with the slow movement and claustrophobia, but Silent Hill 2 did a much better setup with eerie nothingness.
  • Why is Leon such a frothing dumb ass?
  • Why are headshots doing nothing?
  • Bit on the subway tracks with the lights is pretty cool. Instantly ruined by the trains appearing and the rules for dodging trains changing…
  • The fuck! the acid spitting zombie things!?!? This isn’t Left 4 Dead.
  • Oh god, there are Boomers too. When did Resident Evil start having to rip off other games so blatantly?
  • Jesus chapters are long, took me 2 hours! Died 9 times on Chapter 1, 4 were the subway train, 2 the fat thing picking me up, rest were flying zombies…
  • Why does EVERY car crash…
  • Insert 10 survivors, all 10 survivors die within 3 minutes, ad nauseum.
  • “Even a 5th grader could break out of here” – Why include it as a puzzle then?!?!
  • I am assuming I am near the end of chapter 2, and it is still taking 3 shotgun headshots to kill regular zombies. It is easier to melee the entire game…
  • Ugh Ada Wong is mentioned. I can’t be the only one that can’t understand why she is a thing still.
  • £5 bet that Deborah is the boss?
  • Helena is strong to piggyback somebody for so long.
  • I guess I all owe you £5. Sigh, Ada. If you can’t jump the shark with Wesker anymore lets spam Ada instead.
  • I’ll have that £5 back now…
  • Fucking mine carts…
  • If you’re going to add something sentimental, try making me care. Don’t introduce somebody amd say this is your sister you have to care now. If Resi 4 had Ashley dying near the end it would have made you care. Imagine Final Fantasy killing Aerith at the start in Midgar Slums, it wouldn’t have ANY impact. Just like Deborah dying. Pointless plot driver.
  • 2 hours 10 minutes to beat chapter 2, and 15 deaths.
  • What kind of cack ass game design is collapsing mine shaft?
  • Sigh, gimmicky underwater section.
  • Chapter 3,10 deaths and 63 minutes.
  • Chapter 4, died 5 times straight outta load screen.
  • Died 5 times with the falling out of the plane bit because QTEs are not clear.
  • Urrrgh this game… Sherry and “Baby-Wesker”.
  • Other than “for the plot” why are Chris and Leon fighting, they know each other.
  • If a boss can be run over by a train no amount of bullets will kill it.
  • They zombie gassed the city? This plot can’t get worse.
  • Chapter 4: 1 hour 44 minutes, 14 deaths, but of those QTE related.
  • Why do lorries constantly crash and explode around you?
  • So the tutorial happens partway through 5th Leon Chapter.
  • Why do I have to redo the tutorial section again?
  • Why does Simmons morph into a T-Rex zombie???
  • Simmons is like gonnoreah can’t get rid of him…
  • Why is Leon remotely arsed about Ada, I really don’t understand.
  • Chapter 5. 2 deaths, 90 minutes.

Chris and Peirs

  • Veteran mode, will be Chris this time.
  • Why is Chris an alchoholic mess? I know he has been through some shit, but this seems out of character. Thankfully he has lost some of those silly muscles from Resi 5.
  • Fucksake, amnesia…
  • Wow, equipping the knife and purely using melee is broken as fuck. Unbeatable as long as you manage stamina.
  • It is amazing how often a J’avo with a rocket launcher turns up whenever the plot needs it.
  • Chapter 1, 80 minutes and 3 deaths, all from QTE type things.
  • J’avo is pronounced “Jew-Arvo” apparently and not “Jar-vo”
  • No reason to care about this Finn guy, having a shitty flashback chapter doesn’t make us care and is only filler for filler sake.
  • I don’t think anyone has ever said “the best bits in Resident Evil are the gunfighting sections.
  • Series still can’t get passed the El Gigante fight in 4.
  • Why has Chris never heard of Ada? He has spoken to Claire before, and I assume since Leon is such a wimp he would have mentioned her. Also her name comes up in Resi 1.
  • Chapter 2, 2 hours 3 deaths.
  • I’ve fought a bloody snake before…
  • I know some chapters overlap with others, but having Chris and Leon doing the same shitty corridor/lift/robot mine things is simply lazy.
  • Why are there Ada clones…
  • Why did they feel the need to introduce Alien facehugger things?
  • Sigh, the Piers thing.

Jake and Sherry

  • Gonna be Sherry because she can’t be as annoying as she was in Resi 2.
  • Playing on Normal this time, just because I want to see the difference between normal and hard.
  • Guess how much fun the fucking QTE is in the chopper when you have the wrong gun equipped, and the other needs reloading…
  • No, Sherry DOESN’T have super healing. This game needs to stop coming up with shit ways to be more retarded.
  • But Sherry has super healing, how can she die?
  • Uggh forced stealth sections…
  • Uggh, more stealth sections…
  • It is troubling that the most likeable character in the game is Jake…
  • You’re in a submarine base thingy, why is there lava?

Top secret bonus campaign

  • Single player
  • By far the most “Resident Evil” of the campaigns. Has an almost puzzle!
  • The fuck is going on with this imaginery timer for escaping the sub!!?!?!
  • Why does her grapple gun only work when the plot wants it too? Why is she climbing ladders when she can grapple?
  • First chapter was half good, half generic action. Probably the best chapter so far.
  • The Carla fave boss is fucking broken on Veteran. Can’t reload quick enough unless you have the shitty fucking perk.





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7 comments on “Resident Evil 6. Capcom (2012) Xbox 360
  1. KingKoopa says:

    I never finished this… I felt the same; so excited when it came out, loved it to start, and the slow descent into disappointment only got faster and faster as I played on. I eventually threw in the towel. Sounds like there may have been a bit more potential than I thought, but not much.

    … on the other hand, I finally just got around to playing RE7. Probably about halfway through – definitely an improvement for the series!

    Liked by 1 person

    • 7 seems like a good idea, and not played it as i haven’t bothered to upgrade to new gen.

      But i kinda feel like 7 should have been a new game / series rather than some strange unconnected reboot thingy.

      6 is not worthwhile.


  2. Chris Scott says:

    Ugh… RE6.

    This is up there as one of my least liked games in recent memory and easily my least liked mainline RE game. At a standard 10-12 hours, I may have found it tolerable but it took me close to 30 to finish the game and that did nothing to endear it to me. The gunplay was styled after Gears but played like its clunky sibling. And the story wasn’t just nonsense, I mean the RE stories are nonsense, but it was boring nonsense…like the team forgot what the series was. I’m glad that Revelations, its sequel, and 7, got the series back on track.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Good thing I only spent like $2 on this game! Haven’t tried it out yet though, but it doesn’t seem very fun…

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is OK for “average generic action game”. It tries to do way too much and falls flat on everything.

      The story is shite and is incoherent, and if you like or even love the Resident Evil series it should offend you.

      It is also 30 hours long. So it is a massive slog for something you may not enjoy…

      Liked by 1 person

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