E3 predictions


I am writing this in May, but will probably post it when everybody else is posting just before E3 or during because who doesn’t like a wall of noise?

I used to get hyped around E3 and all the shiney new goodness that came out of it, but the last 5-6 years have been a cavalcade of meh to the point that I didn’t bother to pay any attention to the last 2 years.

So what are my predictions? And do I have any enthusiasm for this circle-jerk anymore?

Nintendo Switch

  • Will get 5 WiiU ports, and nothing good 3rd party (Sonic doesn’t count). People will get overly hyped by this. I will augh when people get hyped at a Star Fox WiiU port is announced to much hype.
  • Something Pokemon, something Fire Emblem, and one left of field game announcement. There will be one new Nintendo IP.
  • More Amiibos.
  • Rerelease of the same Virtual Console titles
  • We might see some more Gameplay of Mario Oddyssy, but I bet Nintendo will do there usual underwhelming E3 show.
  • A Super Nintendo Mini that will have 5 copies made, so eBay scum can scalp.
  • Gameplay of  *laughs* another Skyrim remake

The others

IE, the two current gen consoles.


  • Expect ONE PS4 exclusive that will blow your minds
  • Bloodbourne 2
  • Last of Us 2 extended trailer
  • Something Uncharted
  • Probably a tiny bit of the Final Fantasy VII remake


  • Expect ONE XBone exclusive that’ll more or less be Halo…
  • Expect the specs/price of Scorpio, the new XBone model. I reckon they’ll go in at a cheaper price than the PS4 in an attempt to actually try to catch up on Sony’s sales.
  • Expect me to audibly laugh when the Scorpio exclusive is a racing game

Then (both consoles);

  • 5 Reboots
  • 3 Remakes
  • A tonne of sequels that are in the 4th-10th sequel range
  • and at least 10 sequels to games that are into the late teens in terms of actual numbers. (Assassins Creed, Call of Duty, FIFA, Madden et al).
  • Gameplay footage of a Resident Evil remake


Since VR has sold so well expect a new version of VR headsets announced, Oculus 2, and maybe an improved HTC Vive. This tech will cost you your liver but the ones interested will remortgage their houses for it, the rest will safely ignore it.

No Half Life 3.


  • Expect a tonne of Gameplay trailers for games that are released broken and Buggy.
  • A shitty Rabbids thing


Insert EA’s presentation they have done for about 20 years. Sports titles, a crappy version of FIFA for Switch, and maybe a Battlefront spinoff.


They haven’t done anything for a while, and it is probably too early for another Fallout. So Expect a new Elder Scrolls tease.

What we won’t see

  • Any thing Red Dead Redemption 2
  • A proper game in VR that isn’t a jumpscare-a-thon
  • Half Life 3
  • A new Metroid
  • Gamecube games on Virtual Console
  • Gqameplay of Death Stranding
  • Anything from Konami


It is going to be shit, but I am mostly interested in watching people on Twitter who think they have insider information talk about the mad exclusives they know about.

But is anyone hyped for anything? Please somebody get me hyped!