Sonic 3D: Flickies’ Island. Traveller’s Tales. (1997) Sega Saturn

Hi, my name is Jamie and I like to shitpost about Sonic games because it offends the sensibilities of the people out there that can’t see how terrible Sonic’s legacy truly is.

And after the many successes of fantastic games such as; Sonic The Fighter, Sonic R, and Sonic Adventure I thought I’d try a game I had never heard of.

Turns out this is Sonic 3D Blast, so I have heard of it, but us PAL lot got the same game with a different name (I am easily confused) and the subtitle is inexplicably small text on the box. 

Anyhow… (Gameplay and Story)

Sonic 3D Blast is an Isometric platformer staring the titular Hedgehog. You are tasked with rescuing groups of “Flickies” (birds) that Dr Robotonik is after as they are good at finding Chaos Emeralds. But nobody plays a Sonic game for the story, right?

Jump on enemies to release the flickies

Mmmmm poop (Gameplay continued)

Sonic 3D Blast is weird. The Isometric plane makes platforming an utter chore at times. Simple tasks such as jumping onto a platform becomes infuriatingly difficult as judging where you will land from a jump is next to impossible. Granted there is no instadeath, but you’ll need to play for about an hour to get used to the jumping. So expect to be frustrated on Zone 2 where platforming starts to creep in.

Then we have the issue of Sonic controlling like a shopping trolly on ice, which as you can imagine is as much fun as it sounds in a platformer that requires some precision jumping.

So the two key elements of a platformer don’t really cut the mustard.

HA, the bonus stage is a shitty rip off of Sonic the Hedgehog 2!

Poopy poop poop

Each Zone is made of 3 levels, with the 3rd being a boss fight vs Robotonik. But each stage is then split in half.

On the regular levels you rescue 5 Flickies, take them to the ring (exit), and then you move to the next part of the level. It feels a little unnecessary having these two sections per level, but it does pad out the game enough, which allows the levels to incorporate the usual Sonic tropes such as the loop the loops through the use of transitions/on-rails sections.

Basically, Sonic 3D Blast is a fetch quest spread out over 14 levels.

I’m having a Blast…
I’ll show myself to the door.

However (Conclusion)

The platforming is atrocious at times, and Sonic controlling badly is a massive negative that takes some getting used to.

Play this game if you have one of those (many) Sonic or Megadrive collections, but certainly don’t fork out for an original copy of this game.

It is shit, but warm comforting shit, and everybody likes playing with shit every now and then so give it a *uh hum* Blast, but if anybody tries to tell you this game isn’t a steaming pile of arse gravy they are lying to you.

Pros: Better than the Sonic Adventure games, I like playing with my own scat

Cons: It really is shitty


Back in the Day:

Sonic 3D did not score well at release getting at best 7/10, and mostly in the 50s region. And it has not aged well

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2 comments on “Sonic 3D: Flickies’ Island. Traveller’s Tales. (1997) Sega Saturn
  1. I remember trying to play this on one of the many Sega collections and it was not a fun experience. Sonic and 3D do not have a good relationship.

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