Resident Evil: Survivor 2, Code: Veronica. Capcom/Namco (2002) PlayStation 2


I need to stop playing awful Light Gun Games. I am fairly sure I am the only person that likes On-Rails shooters, and I am now fairly sure I have played all the good ones.

In my Resident Evil: Survivor review, I said it was a 40% game as a Light Gun Shooter or 45% as a Resident Evil experience, but somehow added up to a decent enough gaming experience, and in the Dino Stalker Review I didn’t especially like it, but it was just about functional.

With that, we scrape the Resident Evil barrel and what is left of Light Gun Games barrel to see if we have an at least functional game.


It is a dream… It didn’t happen.


As mentioned, Survivor 2 is a Light Gun game, so you shoot at things on the screen.

You move with the D-Pad on the G-CON2, and A+B buttons allow you to turn. The movement is a little bit better than in Survivor 1, but worse than Dino Stalker. Other than that, everything makes VERY little sense.

Arcade Mode

The “main” game is an Arcade Mode, here you get 5 very short levels where you need to get a key, and find the exit before taking on a boss. The levels are based on the Prison Island (Rockfort Island) from Code Veronica, but the room orders are made up. This buys into the dream story, but it is annoying if you have any love for Code: Veronica. The 4th Level is a complete hotch-potch, you go from the Facility to the Private Residence to the Antarctic Base Mansion within 2-3 doors.

That is one giant fucking key

That is one giant fucking key

Other things that make no sense is that there is a time limit, that when it expires, Nemesis chases you…

The time limit is annoying too, as the time ticks away while the next screen is loading, not like it does in previous games where you can see it, but you’ll load up 10-20 seconds later and see a huge ass chunk of time is missing. Not that it matters, because I got lost on level 3, and had Nemesis after me for 10 minutes. I never once saw him, so I guess he just chills out in one room.

Each stage is about 3- 5 minutes long if you stop and fight, or you can run through the entire level in about 1-2 minutes. It means the main feature of the game is 20 minutes long on a FIRST run.

Exploration isn’t encouraged because of the time limits, though if you do attempt you’ll find extra enemies, weapons, health if you search none essential rooms.

Even in a life or death situation Steve is a skeevy little stalking perv.

Even in a life or death situation Steve is a skeevy little stalking perv.

Level 4, is just a “gauntlet” where you have to run from A to B via C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K with Nemesis chasing you. You can’t hurt him, and you can’t really kill enemies as he is always behind you. It means you just run. There are rooms to explore, and there are enemies to kill, but I honestly bypassed the whole level.

Level 5 is a straight up boss fight vs the Tyrant from the first half of Code: Veronica. Games ends.

You do fight the Nosferatu from the Helipad (in the basement of the Training Facility), a giant Spider (where you meet Steve for first time), and a Purple Hunter where you rescue Steve from being cooked/gassed.

The only thing else to note is that you get Steve tagging along, Claire if you pick the Skeevy bastard. He acts as a bullet sponge that the enemy will focus on. He died on Level 2 for me, and I didn’t care. He comes back to life if you die and use a continue, so that is more motivation to just let the fucker die and you survive the whole thing.

At least the bosses seem to like Steve

At least the bosses seem to like Steve

Dungeon Mode

More meat to this game, you get a set time limit, and you have to navigate through some huge ass levels with 40+ rooms. I got pretty far into this, went into my options screen to change a weapon. I clicked Exit thinking that would exit the menu, but it quit the game. I turned the game off, and put it away.


Survivor 1 wasn’t good, but it did manage to capture the Resident Evil feel. In Survivor 2 they focussed too much on the arcade-eyness and speed shooting, none of which work. The bullets do next to zero damage, like a Resident Evil game, but it just feels like an incoherent mess.

Play Darkside Chronicles instead.

Pros: By comparison it makes Umbrella Chronicles look good.

Cons: The shooting is weak. the load times are a pain.  the game makes no sense. Skeevy Steve is in it. The menus are confusing. the game is bizarrely hard at points. some rooms instadamage you the second you go in there meaning the no damage bonus is lost. It looks like a poor N64 game


Back in the day:

It was shit, I don’t care what others think.

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5 comments on “Resident Evil: Survivor 2, Code: Veronica. Capcom/Namco (2002) PlayStation 2
  1. I also like light gun games! I poured so much money into Area 51. I didn’t mind Survivor so much but I recognise it was a bit toss. I didn’t realise they’d made another one though.

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  2. Mill says:

    I can’t shake the feeling that you didn’t like this one.

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