Games Revisited’s Top 50 Retro Games!


Three years ago to the day Games Revisited was born, and to celebrate we have put our heads together again to come up with a TOP 50 games list.

With a new list, we have updated the rules a little. There are no wild card this year, so if it was wildcarded last year and not reviewed then it drops out of our list.

2018 List


  1. One per franchise
  2. Nothing later than the SIXTH (PS2/DreamCast/XBox and GameCube) Console Generation
  3. Up/Down”#” refers to climbing or falling in the charts

Here we go!

50: Jagged Alliance 2 (Review)

Huh, whu? BUH?

It is a turn based squad tactics game where you are mercenaries liberating a small nation. It is hard, it is humorous, and it has the best character creation quiz conceived by man.

New Entry

49 Super Mario Bros: Lost Levels (Review)

OK, so admittedly there might be better Marios, but there are no wildcards this year, and this is SMB1 but stupidly hard. You’ll smash your telly, but you’ll go get another one as the just one more go-crack seeps through your veins.

New Entry

48 Sensible Soccer  (Review)

Who cares that the players were called Piter Schmiichel and Perl Gazcoyne, Sensible Soccer focused on fun. Still the best sportsball game.

Down 2

47 Toejam and Earl  (Review)

Still don’t think this game makes much sense. But Toejammin might be the single greatest videogame song, it is certainly the funkiest.

Down 2

46 DuckTales 2 (Review)

Didn’t expect this one did you? DuckTales featured at 28 last year, but after revisiting, and comparing it to other games we felt the score was a bit too high. The sequel was pretty much the same but with added depth. Though it does lack The Moon music

New Entry

45 Cannon Fodder (Review)

Nobody can beat this game, if you say you can, you’re lying…

Well, that might be just us, but that doesn’t stop use trying. We even got Jools to Mission 10 once!

Up 2

44 Batman Returns (Review)

Sometimes it is the attention to detail that makes you fanboi, in this case it was almost pixel perfect recreations of film scenes. Oh, and the combat was pretty decent too.

New Entry 

43 Gotcha Force (Review)

Basically, it is robot-monster Pokemon. We started letting Reuben from Stuff and That write for us, and he couldn’t have been more right on this.

New Entry

42 Diddy Kong Racing (Review)

We will say this until we are blue in the face. Diddy Kong Racing is better than Mario Kart 64. FACT.

Up 1

41 Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow (Review)

There are better RPGs out there, but what this managed on the OG Gameboy was remarkable. Also, it was kinda a big deal. You might’ve heard of it.

Down 8

40 Dino Crisis 2 (Review)

I honestly don’t know why we rate this so highly. It is stupid. But it is stupid fun, you run around murdering an infinite number of dinosaurs, and string combos together. It is none stop stupid, and that’s why we love it.

None Mover

39 Jet Set Radio (Review)

Jamie has broken more than a fair share of control pads playing this game, but he still wants more. Plus Craig loves it, and he’s easily more important.

None Mover 

38 Time Crisis 2 (Review)

A light gun game? In a best games of all time list? Have you played the PS2 version? All we say is, 1 player 2 gun mode with machines guns.

New Entry

37 Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri (Review)

Civilization in space. So robots, spaceships, and no bloody pikemen ruining your fun.

Down 7 

36 Point Blank 3 (Review)

Jesus another light gun game featuring this high in a list!? Are we on drugs! Sometimes, but this game is laugh out loud fun, a great mix of frantic shooting, and never a dull moment.

Up 3

35 Micro Machines 96 (Review)

If you have a bad temper it is probably best to avoid this game. Due to this, we both love and HATE Micro Machines in equal measures.

None Mover 

34 Golden Axe Warrior (Review)

You know that the original Legend of Zelda is pretty obtuse and difficult at times? Try making it 10 times harder, but fixing the obtuse, that is Golden Axe Warrior. A game that shouldn’t be as good as it is, based on how average the beat ’em ups were.

New Entry 

33 Earthworm Jim AND Earthworm Jim 2 (EJW1 EJW2)

Actually can’t decide between these two, one has slightly better levels, one has significantly more character, and both more 90’s than Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

Up 4 and New Entry

32 NBA Jam (Review)

HE’S ON FIRE! And so was this game, still the best basketball game ever released.

None Mover

31 Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee (Review)

Every time we play this we find a new secret, and who doesn’t laugh at farting? Dave actually 100% it, the nerd.

Down 18

30 Aladdin (Review)

Who doesn’t like Aladdin. Oh, and the Genesis Version is best.

Down 1

29 RoboCop vs The Terminator (Review)

Hard, and does what a good run and gun does. You run, and gun… And it is set in the RoboCop and Terminators universe!

New Entry 

28 Broken Sword (Review)

Point and Clicking at it’s finest, and minus the obtuse puzzles common in the genre (If you ignore the goat on a rope).

Down 6

27 Streets of Rage 2 (Review)

There isn’t much in it, but by having 4 characters with actual differences makes SoR2 the best in that series and one of the best beat ’em ups.

New Entry

26 Starfox 64 / Lylat Wars (Review)

Not the biggest drop in the list but a solid space combat game with hours and hours of depth. Shame Slippy is a prick!

Down 15

25 Fatal Frame (Project Zero) (Review)

I have honestly never shit myself as much as I have playing this game. Creepy doesn’t cover it. Psychological, jump scares, and straight up scary sections left us not wanting any more. Also less skeevy than some of the sequels.

New Entry

24 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time (Review)

I guess this might be a spoiler for further down the list, but this is the best Beat ‘Em Up we have played. We get to live out our pre-teen fantasy of being a turtle and whomping Shredder.

New Entry

23 Fallout 2  (Review)

A game that’s score rested on a knife edge. The ending is maddeningly difficult, and if you don’t build your character right you might not be so chuffed with it. As it is, we beat it after retrying the end section for about 8 hours.

New Entry

22 Metal Gear Solid (Review)

There might have only been about 90 minutes of gameplay, but you play a Metal Gear Solid for the 20 hours of story and cutscenes. No really.

Up 4

21 X-COM: Terror from the Deep (Review)

Dave picked this as his wildcard last year, and we put it 20th. We are pretty good with this prediction malarkey! Also, you can eventually kill the Lobster Men.

Down 1 

20 Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Review)

Still the best Sonic.

Up 4 

19 Eternal Darkness (Review)

Trippy, creepy weird, and different on each playthrough.

New Entry 

18 Gunstar Heroes (Review)

Because sometimes, ‘fuck it, shoot the thing’ is all you really need. A wildcard from last year, lived up to expectation.

Down 4 

17 Beyond Oasis (Review)

Imagine if the art style of Aladdin  had a love baby with the Legend of Zelda? I reckon it’d be fairly close to Beyond Oasis, and makes this almost the best Zelda game.

New Entry

16 Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 (Review)

A sports simulator that prioritses fun over reality? Who would have thought being allowed to pull off 1080 kickflip, Christ Airs with a Manual Guitar solo would be fun…

Up 3 

15 Donkey Kong Country (Review)

Still better than Super Mario World, secrets galore, and brilliant gameplay. We would score this higher if it wasn’t for the Minecarts…

None Mover 

14 The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past (Review)

We thought that Wind Waker would pip LttP if we reviewed it, and we were wrong. LttP doesn’t have awful Tingle bullshit.

Up 3 

13 Bucky O’Hare (Review)

Imagine Mega Man 2, but harder. Like much MUCH harder. That is Bucky O’Hare.

New Entry

12 Shining Force II (Review)

Tactical RPG without the annoyances of its predecessor. Lovely story, and a great mix of characters.

New Entry 

11 Dungeon Keeper (Review)

This is Theme Park but not boring, and you get to slap the shit out of your minions!

Up 1 

10 Mega Man X2 (Review)

After a revisit and rescore in the middle of last year Mega Man X2 *JUST* manages to retain the Mega Man crown. Excellent music, nice difficulty, and hella fun!

Down 1

9 Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones (Review)

Tactical RPG at it’s best, well written with a deep and emotional story. Also managed to have a steep, but fair difficultly curve.

New Entry

8 Resident Evil: Nemesis (Review)

Jamie loves himself some Resident Evil, and Nemesis is his top pick. 2 is excellent, but the added pants browning of the Titular Nemesis makes this the worthy winner. While 4 is brilliant, the Midget Napoleon, and Ashley both suck too much.

Down 5

7 Grim Fandango (Review)

Still the main reason Craig gets out of bed in the morning. I mean who DOESN’T want to be a Travel Salesman to the Afterlife?!

Up 1

6 WWF: No Mercy (Review)

Honestly the most fun wrestling game ever, and we still play it – and we still can’t unlock the goddamn ho!

None Mover

5 Splinter Cell Chaos Theory (Review)

Another wilcard pick from last year, that came good, we predicated a top 10 placing for it, and here we are! Tight controls, huge levels that are fun to explore, a multitude of ways to complete missions, and fun weapons like the sticky shocker.

Up 2

4 Final Fantasy VI (Review)

We really do love Final Fantasy games, and picking one was difficult, but again, we agreed on 6 taking the Final Fantasy crown though it is very close between VI, VII and IX.

None Mover

3 Banjo Kazooie (Review)

The biggest loser? Not really, fantastic platformer that is almost perfect.

Down 2

2 Silent Hill 2 (Review)

We didn’t pick this as a wild card, but we noted in the Silent Hill entry that SH1 was lucky to make the list because of this game.

New Entry 

1 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (Review)

We picked this as a wildcard last year, putting it third. Third wasn’t high enough for it, and it deserves all the praise it can get. One of the best games of all time, and easily the best original XBOX game.

Up 2